Purple Velvet Covered Arcade Stick WOW!

This is Solom0nkey’s first official arcade stick. It has a IL Joystick with IL concave buttons. It is for the Xbox 360 and PC. The box is covered in crushed purple velvet with 1/8 thick soft padding underneath to give it a softer feel. This was inspired by one of Sagat’s alternate costume colors. We used real crushed velvet and this is not some fancy paint job. We will be coming to you with more one of a kind arcade sticks in the coming weeks as we put our names out there as dominant stick maker. Don’t worry we will have plenty of Japanese style sticks coming to you soon.



Pictures aren’t available, did you upload them correctly?

A bit confused as well.

If you go to Quote the Post, you will see links.

I guess the images aren’t showing up because they’re too big. Posting a link to your Joystick Vault page would have been a better idea.


Awesome purple stick! Your palms must feel real comfortable. :hitit:

Edit: LMAO actually the images aren’t showing up 'cause they’re just links to the page with the image.

I love gold and velvet but seriously nice stick high points for originality

just so you know you have to be a 6 month member to advertise a sale and have 500 posts.

Not gonna lie, that looks freakin’ comfortable. Very original as well. :slight_smile:

cool stick.


I’m Rick James bitch!

Sorry that just came out. Pimpin…

We shall call it " a stick named slickback."

Yea if your advertising that you want to sell sticks, go to Mr. Wizard first and ask him if its cool that you do so

This looks very comfortable for your hands and wrists.

500 posts? Thought it was 6 months and 50 posts.
I’ll double check but either way I think the guys banned?