Push block

what is a push block???

and how is it done??


omg. are u 4 real?

in case you are, then push block would be pressing the lp+hp while you are blocking or in block stun to push you opponents back.


press lp+hp when blocking/blockstun

i think it also doubles the amount of time you are in blockstun or has a set frame amount u remain in block…

And not just pushing back opponent keeps in the same spot instead of being pushed back sometime.s. Like in the air or blocking a multiple hitting super

whats the secret t pushblocking opponents moves then attacking right after?

say you’re in the corner, cable does j.hk, land, c.lk, c.mk.

you pushblock the j.hk, and then when the two croucjing weak kicks come out you’re blockstun is only for the duration of the hk. so you come out of block stun after the second c.lk letting you attack instantly before their assist comes out (if they choose to asssist) or before they can block

there’s alot more explaining but too much for me right now sorry :sweat:

Using pushblock to decrease your time in blockstun is called Guard canceling. It is a very important technique in higher level play. It can allow you to escape guard damage and punish moves that are otherwise unpunishable. When preformed correctly it will almost always change the momentum of a high level match.

Go to youtube and look up mvc2 advanced tactics. They give brief examples of guard cancel, and a few other higher level techniques that arent always noticeable by a less knowledgeable player.

3/4 of this game is knowledge and familiarity. Learning about advanced battle tactics and mastering the preformance of them is key to becoming a good player. Watch some Match vids and look for when people use pushblock, guard cancel etc. Also look for instances in which pushblocking in the air = death/guard break. Learn what situations are good for which techniques, and begin trying to apply them. This will increase your familiarity with what your opponent is going to try to do, and that gives you intuition. Its a long learning process, welcome to it.

The above post is very well written. He tried to explain it as basic as possible but i’m not sure if you can really explain what it is w\o going into depth about a little.

Guard canceling isn’t an end all solution to rush down. First off, to activate the guard cancel, you have to go to neutral for a brief moment after the immediate pushblock. When you do this, you can be hit low for free all day if your opponent is in the position to do so.

IMO, the hardest part about realizing when you will be released is because of anti guard cancel tactics. When you activate the push block and the opponent has a character who is very mobile or can create constant block stun, mag\storm\sent\strider\spiral etc…, that character can vary the guard cancel timing to throw off when you will get out. Especially for trap characters since they base there entire trap scenario around anti guard cancel timing to keep you in the trap as long as possible or even to maintain the next move advantage if you get out. All characters can do this to an extent but some are VERY limited.

Lastly, guard cancel doesn’t last forever. A prime example of this is playing against a trap team like s\d or spiral variations. If you pushblock early in there trap, basically in the beginning, you can activate the guard cancel but by the time the trap rep is over, you’ve wasted your guard cancel and have to try again. I’m not sure how long exactly guard cancel lasts for but imo, its up too about 2 seconds after the pushblock animation ends, maybe a little less than that.

Like the above post said, this is very high level tactic that isn’t easy to master. Even though I understand it, I have trouble doing them in the right places because of anti guard cancel chains. Sometimes, you have to bait out your first guard cancel to force them into an immediate anti guard cancel chain, then guard cancel off of that.

Does ‘Guard Stiffness’ have anything to do with this? In other words, does each character have a varying window of Guard Cancel time?

I’m not 100% sure. iirc, I asked magnetro the same question and his response was that every character can GC HSF @ the same spot. So if he’s right, i’m assuming he is because he knows alot about the engine, no, there is no difference between characters.

BUT, there are 2 other factors that contribute to where you get out. SJ speed and sprite box size. Someone like marrow is able to GC and get out of more scenarios than say juggy. Marrows faster SJ speed combined with her small sprite box allows her to get away much quick than juggy who has a slow SJ speed and a fatter sprite box. Even though the 2 characters have the same GC release frames, the differences in sj speed and sprite box sizes determine what a character can GC and get away from.

This is really apparent when you play trap teams. When you barely fuck up a trap rep on mag, he’s able to squeak by and get away. However, if you fuck up the same way against sentinel, its more likely that you will hit him since his sprite box is so big. Theres more of him to hit.

Thanks Shoult-- That makes sense. I used to play a lot of Spiral so intuitively I had a lot of that relationship between GC and character size / speed fig’d out, but those stiffness numbers threw me off. Slightly off topic, but what exactly to they represent?

no clue. iirc, those #'s were found on joo’s website right? magnetro should know what those #'s are.

so would there be a way to use pushblocks like how u use parrys in 3rd strike.

like i know if mag jumps in on u and calls sent assinst and trys to cross u over, u can push block to get him off of u can u can super jump to escape and not get RTSD but like say they are in the corner and u pusblock them but they are already in the corner so u can go and rape.

and i was wondering, if u get push blocked, does ur attack have extra lag.