Pushbutton kuro

Hi guys I have a question: How many g operating force have the Kuro Pushbuttons?, thanks for youre help

Its very similar to Sanwa buttons, I don’t have ether value committed to memory so I can’t give you actual figures.

It was using US nickles as a known weight value using the Rippster method

Thanks Darksakul im looking for a better buttons than kuro

If you asked me any authentic parts (Sanwa, Seimitsu, Korean Parts, Game Finger, Paradise Arcade MX Switch inserts, Happ, ect) are better than the Kuro buttons. I find they have this annoying squeak when you use them.
Supposedly they go away when you break them in, but that also means hours of me playing on buttons I don’t like in the first place.

There people who like the Kuro buttons and like their larger diameter plunger size.

The tradeoff is that the kuro plunger doesn’t rock or wobble at all. So once broken in they feel really solid. Moreso than a Sanwa. Both the new-button squeak and the solid feel are both products of the larger diameter plunger, which looks a lot smarter too.
Generally, a Sanwa or Seimitsu will cause the least offence, in terms of “better”.

That very slight “rock or wobble” you speak of is the button plunger not being too tight in the rim. Its the empty space to keep that plunger from getting caught or start squeaking.
I only find it noticeable in American style buttons like Happ and IL buttons. I notice the one mod you can do to a Kuro button so they don’t squeak, is to sand down the Kuro button plungers sides will allow the Kuro buttons to “rock or wobble” as well. The very thing you don’t like I feel is a necessity in a arcade push button.

Also Kuro buttons only come in black with the exception of the Hori Fighting Edge sticks which Red, Blue, Yellow, Green (Xbox only variations) and White (the all white stick) has been observed.

Sanding them down? Ouch. You throw away their main upside by doing that. Seriously, they just need a bit of breaking in, is all. Let them organically find the right clearance. Then you’ll have snug, unrocky buttons that don’t stick. All smiley faces.

I not willing to go though the hours of game play on those squeaky buttons to break them in and have them feel like Sanwas when I prefer Seimitsu buttons.