Pushbutton Mod


I modded my buttons to silent them and the over all results are pretty good.

Sanwa pushbuttons and usually other brands have microswitches that click. The clicking of the switch is not that loud. It’s the plastic on plastic on the plunger and base that makes a loud snap when pressing them. Especially in intense battles.

The reason I did this mod is because the only time I get to play is when everyone is sleeping so having quite buttons are important. I know I can use a pad but it’s not the same.

There are two materials I found that work well for this mod. One is a foam sheet used for art and crafts or foam buttons (sticky on both sides) typically used for scrap books.

For using the foam sheets pop the plunger off and measure the inside of the base of the button and cut a circle in the sheet. Then cut a small circle in the circe so there’s a hole in the middle.

Drop the foam sheet inside the base of the button.

Put back the plugger. Notice the shorter throw in the button. It was reduce into half. I found that I like this because there’s very little dead zone to engage the button. With the buttons traveling less the fingers can move faster.

The buttons make a lot less noise in my opinion. The only problem is the noise when the button springs back up. There are tabs on the plunger that hit the side of the base of the button. It looks difficult to mod and the noise is not that bad so I’ll leave it as is. Maybe covering the cut out with tape will help dampen the sound.

Next I’ll post pictures using the foam buttons. This requires putting them the plunger of the microswitch.


Someone on here posted a stick thy made entirely of thick lexan and said it was a lot quieter because of the case. If the case does play that big of a part in it, then maybe lining the inside of the case with foam might quiet it down some more. Idk… just a thought. = ]


I was thinking about lining the inside. It should help reduce the echoing. That’s probably going to be my next step.


If you do, hope you post the results. I’d be interested in this mod if it lowered the decibels enough.


Try using Dynamat in the interior of the stick. It is used in cars to control sound. One of the worst sounds is a car with a crazy loud speaker system, but rattles like the car is rickety piece of junk.

They even have computer equipement Dynamat. Hmmmnnn I might buy some.

Computer Kit


Just looked up the material. $20 a square foot. A little too expensive because I’ll need at least 2 square feet.


its actually one of the best, if not THE best sound dampening materials out. you get what you pay for. and it’s guaranteed to dampen noise.


I was gonna bring up he dynamat but didn’t cause of price and plus I didn’t really know how much lining the case with anything would even help. To me it seems like it would help a lot. And the guy with the thick lexan case said it did. The foam should work great though. If the foam works then someone should try the dynamat. One of my friends is huge into airsoft and all the airsofters just put foam in their silencers for their guns and it silences them a shit load. These are hardcore airsofters too. lol Like have thousands and thousands of dollars invested in the hobby. Seems like one of them would have done it by now but they all stick with the foam. Maybe I’ll ask him if anyone’s tried it though for silencers.


I think the $30 kit should do for 1 arcade stick.


Dynamat has an aluminum outer cover. The conducive material will likely cause problems with my messy wiring. I’ll try the arts and craft foam and see how it turns out