Pushbutton question


I want to buy some new buttons and ball top for the HRAP 3. Couple questions.

– If I buy a Seimitsu ball top, do I need to buy a new stick, or can I just pop that right on the existing stick?

– Are Seimitsu buttons comparable in quality to the Sanwas?

– And lastly if I do decide on Seimitsu pushbuttons, which model fits the HRAP? I can see some buttons are threaded and some arent.


Any 30mm seimitsu button should fit, threaded or not. Seimitsu balltops will fit. Seimitsu is just as good as sanwa in terms of quality.


Sweet thanks. Thread can be closed now.


Seimitsu buttons are comparable in quality to Sanwas, but they definitely have a different feel. Check the Sanwa/Seimitsu FAQ, it should answer all your questions.