Pushbutton questions to help me make a decsion

I just purchased a joystick for my MOD now I just need to purchase some pushbuttons. I’m trying to decide on the perfect choice. I would like my MOD to look original to the Xbox 360 control pad button colors with the X,Y,A, and B buttons. I was looking at the site everyone here is talking about which is lizardlick.com and been looking over the Happ,Sanwa,Yenox and the Seimitsu pushbuttons. I really like the translucent pushbuttons as that type fits with the xbox 360 buttons. My problem is I would like pushbuttons with precision and noise is not a problem. Everyone says the Sanwa are quiet and quick on response and I notice that the Seimisu’s are made about the same in the way there microswitch is made.

My questions is how are the Happs Ultimate Button pushbutton and dose anyone know where I can find Translucent Pushbutton with vertical microswitches that are long like the Happ pushbuttons? Something like this would be perfect. I’m debate about the Happ/IL Translucent Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch,Yenox Translucent Pushbuttons and Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbutton. The Seimitsu’s are just too short for the casing I’m using which is a Pelican Real Arcade Stick that was for the PS2. The holes on the case are a 1 1/8 hole. I would have to open up the hole a little and just to fit the Seimitsu’s buttons while the other choices all I have to do is pop them in and screw them down. I would be using these buttons mainly for fighting games and shooters so response is a must. I’m up for suggestions. Thanks.


this post is like a Rufus win quote.

Just get he IL/Translucent.

Too bad they are only concave. I would swap the clear plungers with solid color convex plungers. I would avoid Yenox all together

mod the stick and use clear Seimitsus.
Don’t recommend new happ though.

I’d go iL too.

Are the IL/Translucent. quick responsive?

Thank you all. I have some ideal now.