Pushbutton Replacement Rims

Hey guys, I recently purchased a TE2. I replaced the plexi due to poor quality of the stock plexi, and swapped the artwork. In the process, as I was removing the buttons, I ran into a little trouble. Unlike the Sanwas I used previous to purchasing this stick, I found the tabs on the rims of my buttons very stiff and brittle. So much so, that one tab on each of my 8 buttons broke as I was removing them. I’ve never experienced this before, and was hoping someone may know of a vendor that would sell me replacement rims without the full assembly?

I have some additional rims but not in the color black. I know buttons aren’t egregiously expensive, but after paying 200 for a stick in addition to the plexi etc… im trying to cut costs where i can so I can start enjoying this thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just buy the whole button, either way shipping will cost the same if a store did sell just the rim for like $1 instead of $2.30 for a whole button. Or check out trade thread on this site and maybe someones selling individual buttons for cheap including shipping.

Thanks man, I’ll definitely check the forums.

You’re right though, I will probably end up ordering a new set. My other sticks contain sanwa parts with which i’ve never had an issue. My only fear is that (assuming of course the new set is as brittle as the ones i received in this stick) it may happen again. Hopefully this is an isolated incident and not indicative of some systemic issue.

I’ve had the same issues with the buttons too, they do feel like cheaper plastic than other Sanwa buttons I own and bought in the past, I’ve had a few buttons break on my TE2’s and that arcade stick is one of the easiest to remove the buttons it takes 0 force to remove it from the huge holes on the metal panel and still the tabs break.

Good to know, thank you i appreciate the input.

I have to vouch about the buttons in my Rivals TE2, compared to the TE sticks I bought a few years ago (TTT2 and SCV). I changed the art on the SCV, and removed all 8 buttons on that stick without a problem. I just touched a tab from one of the yellow buttons on my TE2, and POP! It snapped. Good thing that I still have the yellow button that I removed from the SCV stick…

I’ve already got an art swap in the works for that Rivals stick, so my big fear is that the other 7 will snap like the first one did. On the bright side, I think you’ll be relieved to hear that the buttons that I got to match my art (from Focus Attack) definitely don’t feel brittle at all; I was able to flex the tabs a little bit with no problem. So in my case, if I do break more buttons taking them out, at least I feel rather confident that ordering replacement orange/yellow buttons will be alright.

Thanks for the input! I bit the bullet and JUST received my new replacements. I will say, that I have had no problem whatsoever swapping this new set in and out. There’s definitely something fishy about the set that came stock in my TE2. Even while I was swapping in my new buttons, the 1 or 2, remaining “good buttons” broke as well. This new set however is outstanding in comparison.