Pushbuttons question


Thinking about replacing my buttons on one of my sticks , I have always loved pushbuttons, I saw them a lot at china town fair when i was a kid, I was just wondering if any arcade stick companies sell sticks with pushbuttons on them already? if not I’m def willing to replace old sanwa buttons on one of my sticks. My concern is that the bottom part of the pushbuttons look very long and wondering if I would have trouble getting them on my old HRAP EX. Also wondering if they’re a big hassle to install? I usually just get sanwa buttons that pop right in and connect real quick , but are these any different?


To answer the first part of your question, companies like Hori and MadCatz have been selling sticks with genuine Sanwa parts for years now.

As for the HRAP EX, it will accept standard 30mm japanese arcade pushbuttons.


I think you’re talking about plunger, American-style buttons. “Pushbuttons” is a synonym of buttons. Sanwas, Seimitsus, Suzo-Happ, whatever… all of those are pushbuttons. For clarity, Microswitches are the things that are actuated by the pushbutton’s plastic parts (they form the actual electrical connection, and have the terminals).

None of the major manufacturers have sticks using American-style buttons (Happ, for instance), AFAIK. They are generally much longer than Japanese buttons, as you’ve noticed, and thus harder to fit into a case. They’re also usually made for wood panels (thicker than the metal ones commonly used with Japanese parts), so are screw-in rather than snap-in. You’d have to look at dimensions (both diameter and depth) to see if they’d work for you and whatever case you want to put them in, and I’d recommend using the right-angle ones (not the “vertical” orientations; those are longer as the switch terminals point straight down, so will be even harder to fit in), but if they fit there’s nothing stopping you from using them. Good luck!


Oh I see the mistake I made. I was looking for these buttons that when u push in feels sort of concave if you get what I mean. I THINK these are it http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/accessories-/competition-pushbutton-convex-japanese-style-black-cpbhappblack-accessories-detail.htm but not 100% sure

So the only difference in installing is screwing them in? other than that I should just be paying attention to the dimensions to make sure it fits in the HRAP EX?


Alright, if you are looking for a American style button with a concave feeling when you press it you are looking for “concave” buttons not convex like you posted in the link to arcade shock. The better quality buttons are the iL version that paradise arcade sells. Here is the link: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/il-concave-buttons/1100-black-il-concave-pushbutton-psl-l.html#/microswitch_force-75_gram_cherry_microswitch . If you are going to buy them I recommend the 75g cherry microswitch option as that is what the arcades used back in the day.


If you want something that fits and aren’t to squeamish about using a drill and doing a bit of mod work, you can insert Cherry switches into Sanwa OBS-30A or OBS-30B pushbuttons.

EDIT: You can also just get the OBS-M-1 switch assembly and replace the OMRON switches with clicky Cherries.


Ah, ok. Thank you guys very much for the suggestions i’ll check em out :slight_smile: