"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



momochi so godlike


Nice setups after knockdown. Why did you choose U1 against shoto?


Dang, did anyone else catch that Kichijyoji vs -R- FT10?

First match at 12:18


MMM#3 IS FINALLY HERE GUYS!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y-6LV-QCvg&feature=youtu.be


Video glitches for 1 minute at 15:35 mark sorry i don’t know what’s wrong with it it’s fine in imovie
Hey guys third instalment is finally here…again haha. had some problems with the last one i uploaded and had to re-do it alllll over again :frowning: but yeah enjoy and see you next time :slight_smile:


DRS Chris vs Momochi


Good shit Chris…Momo is one of the smartest Kens though imo. you need to kill that guy as fast as possible the longer the set goes the smarter he becomes haha


Ggs Chris.


I’m a little late to the party on this one, but that money match with DRS Chris was awesome. No shame in losing that one–those were some awesome rounds the whole way through!


One word to describe Michael Tan



Critique plz


I recorded this set between DRS Chris and EG Momochi back at NCR 11. Hope you all enjoy and check out my channel for more vids I’ll be uploading and recording here in NorCal :slight_smile:




DeeJay can be a pain in the ass and Ken has limited options against him so i came up with some new DeeJay tech
DeeJay and Viper are the only 2 characters in the game that have a -3 on block for their cr.lk (aka crouch tech)
so that means Ken can bait out a crouch tech, block it and mash reversal srk.

i did it here on a DeeJay


Momochi’s Ken from the 3v3




I am blind and need sleep lol.

Hishou’s Sagat vs Bonsukes Ken


Some Ken action at CEO


Dark Jiewa - Top Ken player in China


Here are some off-stream matches I recorded at CEO with Momochi against iPeru, 801 Strider and LPN.




Fucken Cammy


Me getting dismantled by Momochi at CEO 2013 in pools.