"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



This is a video made and finalized by me (less than 2 hours ago) discussing in detail the Sakura vs. Ken matchup. ^-^ here you go. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/wru9z5sFy_4


Infiltration’s Ken


Another match of Infiltration’s Ken at 56 minutes into the stream








Part 1 of 3 FT3s for $20 against of me against Bsida at EVO 2013. Enjoy :slight_smile: I’ll upload the second part later tonight.


some matches vs Akuma for anyone who finds the match up difficult


Guys Im trying to learn the basics of video editing so Im making some videos with Ken in the lab just to practice. This is a setup to get safe jump after sweep, very similar to Ryu’s, but you have to delay a little bit the jump in:

And this is another alternative character specific setup showing Ken connecting his sweep:



Momochi, Kazunoko FT5 at 4:16


momochi downloaded him after 2 games. Want to stay at that gay range where its tough to judge whether to anti air or not? JUMP KICK


Kichijyoji at 1:40:00


one of many unblockables against guile


it’s private bro


what was the setups?

  1. after a jab dp in the corner jump hp … if he does not quick rise whiff standing short jump hp again … both unblockables ( if guile delayed tech the first knock down your first jump in will whiff but the second will deff work)
    2)after landing a super in the corner jump forward wiff st mp jump again with hp . (GTF Set up)
    3)after landing a sweep combo in the corner whiff standing jab then jump HP.
  2. after Hp dp in the corner back dash and then kara throw… if he quick rises then your mix up is a meaty throw which is very hard to tech… if he does not quick rise after you whiffing your kara throw jump forward hp for an unblockable.


safe bro


gun slinga showreel i made guys check it out


can’t get any of those damn ones to work…guile keeps walking out of the corner…oh well usf4 will patch it anyway


if guile leaves the joystick neutral every unblockable would wiff


Some dude uploaded my ranked matches … feel free to criticize. There is a match of michael tan there too… I am dadude87 the yellow ken