"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



You can incorporate c.lp into kara-srk, I have the same problem where I confirm far c.lp into c.mk instead of confident kara-srk
and optimize combos with c.hp but i think you do already…yeah sagat is big but he randomly whiffs out of c.hp range.



Here are 2 Ken mirror FT5 money matches between Dakou and Chris that took place during Canada Cup. I really liked Dakou’s spacing and reactions (especially at punishing focus attacks). He also includes a cr hp to many of his combos for that extra damage.


I prefer chris by a big margin…he has the potential to become one of the best kens in the world in my opinion once he’s got game iq down it’s a rap because his ken is already crazy high


having trouble recreating the crossup hp in the first vid at 3:25. Tips?

edit: Nvmnd I found the thread.

I noticed that there a few times lp dp traded with a normal on the ground during the match done by both players, and the only thing either did was go for a setup afterwards. Anything able to juggle off of that situation?


Probably a kara ex shoryuken, i think i’ve seen Bon do it a few times.


I agree chris has huge potential because hes willing to use and trying to learn all the more advanced ken tech. But dakou was just fundamentally better than him spacing wise and decision making in those sets.


these ken are around my level, except better, maybe.


Here is video proof that Cammy enjoys the kinky stuff:

And here is the epic finale of the Singapore Capcom Cup:

Dakou’s Ken is a thing of beauty.


damn i’m dying to see that michael tan vs momochi please someone message me a vod


This should be up tomorrow. The matches are on Youku



I dont understand why people hate unblockables so much. So many people complain about the reversal window in this game being too big and they wish it was 1 frame like ST. Now you make them have to 1 frame block in order to not get hit and it’s the worst thing ever. Personally when i know an unblockable is coming i can block it 4 out of 5 times. If i dont expect it then im free, but that just means its time to hit the lab, recreate it and learn to block it.


I think the main reason people bitch about unblockables is that they weren’t meant to be part of the game, they are essentially a glitch. Of course you can say the same thing about some meaty setups that make otherwise impossible links doable, but those aren’t as game changing as unblockables. While you can block them, it’s allot harder to time your block than just whiff a move and jump in, plus a knockdown is already a big advantage as it is.

Still, i am with you on this one, you just can’t balance a game to perfection, ever. There will always be bad matchups and there will always be glitches. I used to whine all the time, and sometimes i still do :p, but the truth is that new tech (even tech that unbalances the game) is another challenge that keeps the game fresh and interesting. That doesn’t mean i don’t want Capcom to fix glitches, or to make some very bad matchups a little more fair, i am just not waiting for them to do those things in order to have fun with the game.

That goes double for the pros out there. If you get payed to do it, it’s work. If you want to get a promotion you must always try to find ways to be more productive.


Granted Daigo won against Michael Tan 3-2, he lost to Momochi 2-3

the Momochi match is on youku


Momochi was crazy good in the set with Daigo. That last round was godlike.


hey guys based on the new technology discovered about the proximity blocking option select, i came up with one for ken.

you can read more about the technology on eventhubs…


Anyone able to get the proximity guard OS with whiffed lights? They seem impossibly hard or I have shitty hands :frowning:


Still don’t understand the inputs and timing. Can someone post the exact inputs and timing and I’ll look into it too…



taken from my video description…

the srk motion must end in the downback direction to induce the block animation. ONLY if the block animation is activated will the option select lp.dp come out. if no block animation is activated then the lp.dp will not come out.

think of it this way, we are cancelling the start up frames of the block animation into a lp.dp but if the block animation does not occur then the lp.dp will not come out.

the srk motion i use in this video is df,d,df,db+lp