"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



I get that, but is it only the first frame of the block animation? What stops this from working normally? If I input the motion normally, as far as I can remember, I’ll get a dp regardless because of the shortcuts.

The only co clusion that I can come to right now, without testing this myself, is that the proximity block animation overrides the end of the normal moves recovery.

Clutching at straws here…




I think it has to do with the input leniency. The OS only works if you complete the motion+button right before the move fully recovers. If you do it too late, you either get the special or whiffed normal. It feels like doing a reversal for the whiff normal. There shouldn’t be a reversal for the special but maybe the special move has priority over proximity blocking so it’s like a p-link maybe? P-linking the special with proximity block with a reversal timing of the whiffed normal. I don’t really know but that’s what it feels like when I try it.

Modded PC version 'cause I didn’t have my console set-up


Question is Momochi using proximity blocking here at 3:30 and 8:14


i really don’t think its humanly possible to proximity OS a light attack. it is possible but it really seems humanly impossible. all of the videos i’ve seen are off of medium or hard attacks because they give you more time to input your move/Ultra/etc.

im pretty sure momochi just did it on anticipation and reaction


Momochi crouches at 8:14, so it’s plausible. I do agree with ImagineVC; it doesn’t seem very likely or probable to do this OS with lights. Or maybe I just can’t…

8:14 on the left and around 5min Momochi walking up U2 on the right


Sure he was crouching he disguised the first qcf motion with the light punch then just went for it when he saw the ball coming.
Momochi is a fucking amazing player, hope he stays with Ken and doesn’t switch back to Akuma or Cody.


i’m doing the input but my DP doesn’t come out. anybody know how to do it properly?


that’s correct, your DP shouldn’t come out unless your opponent attempts to whiff punish your cr.mk
only if your opponent attempts to whiff punish your cr.mk will you go into block animation thus activating the proximity block OS lp.srk

something i didnt mention in the video is that it’s actually a delayed option select. don’t input the DP immediately after the cr.mk, wait a TINY fraction of a millisecond and make sure the DP input is executed right as the cr.mk is in its recovery frames.
the most important thing to make note of is that your dp motion MUST end in the down back direction. thats the absolute most important thing.

after playing with many other characters ProxOS’es, this Ken one is one of the easiest and most lenient ones out there. its very practical and i’ll be working it into my regular game.


regarding our conversation about it being humanly impossible to proxOS off of a light attack… theres a video of Dudley player doing it at the 17 second mark. yikes. maybe Momochi was doing it??? Maybe Momochi actually pulled it off at the 3:30 mark but at the 8:14 mark he messed it up but the Ultra2 still came out anyways?


About the Momochi thing, I’m not sure about the 8:14 one. I cannot for the life of me OS it off of any standing attack. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not sure if stand attacks work with this OS and he used a stand jab so maybe Momochi’s just that godlike.

I know you guys like OS’s off of throws, and I’m sure you all hate wake-up DP’s, so I’ll just leave this here…


Proximity OS does not override the recovery of the button you pressed. It still has the exact same recovery so you can be whiff punished. But if the whiff punish is late the OS is triggered by the proximity block.


He’s playing Ken now because he heard of the buffs Ken was getting in Ultra. Heck he was playing Ken @ Evo so he must’ve got early word on it.

Also it’s pretty obvious Momochi likes Ken, since he has mained him in every single version of SFIV.

SFIV - He played Ken @ Nagoya Street Battle 1, he later switched to Akuma and was one of the people who put Gouki on the map along with Tokido.
Super - He played Ibuki @ first, got destroyed in Godsgarden and than switched to Ken for the rest of Super, got 2nd @ a season’s beating with Ken, losing to Gamerbee’s Adon.
AE - Played Makoto seriously, than Ken, than Yun (kept Ken for Sagats) before switching to Cody because he didn’t want to get boo’d anymore like he did @ Evo using Yun… (LOL)
2012- Played Cody for a long time until he saw dem Ken buffs for Ultra and went straight back to Ken, will be Top 6 in the latest topanga league which is a big improvement on his previous topanga league placing with Cody.
Ultra - Lock in Ken.


the ken one is a POS that blocks shoryus for better punishes and still catches crouch tech. you can sub out my OS for any OS you want


Oni’s fast light attacks stuff step kick. Momochi fought it with hadokens at point blank, but is there any better way to stop oni from abusing his fast light normals? I was thinking something along the line of st. LK buffer into ex tatsu since Oni is standing for his normals


Hmm, I would think that using step-kick during the recovery but early enough to stop Oni’s next normal would be an option. Risky though since timing vs lights is pretty ridiculous. Fireball’s just seem like the safest thing.

Also, Ken’s movement looking good in Ultra!


^The movement speed looks the same. No real difference.


Can’t believe that the first footage of Ultra Ken and we get almost nothing to go on!!!

Movement looks marginally faster but it’s harder to tell from footage like this.

Come on someone!! Play Ken and start throwing out some overheads and ultras!!!

Not sure if the Adon forgot that he could delay his wake up or if the Ken player was able to compensate well but he certainly was still able to utilise the knockdown well enough. Maybe it won’t be as bad as we thought…




The speed buff seems noticeable to me. Looks like Ryu’s movement speed. Anything more and they would probably have to remove the Kara arsenal to keep things balanced.


Ken does look faster, that’s the first thing i noticed. Which is a welcome change. Is the combo into Cr.Hk a one frame link?


Yes, but it’s an easy one frame link and it’s plinkable.