"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



Sweet, thanks for the info, Forgive me for my noobness as i have been away from the game for a little bit, But what makes it easy? Just preference?


Tempo. Rhythm is the most important thing when timing combos. Asynchronous combos are allot harder to perform, especially asynchronous one frame links. For example Ryu’s solar plexus -> cr hp is allot harder than cr mp -> cr mp -> cr hk.


Makes sense, tyvm for telling me this info. I know exactly what you mean but i just never knew the correct names for them haha. I so hate getting down those Asynchronous combos.


Did he get back the st.lp > sweep? I could’ve sworn it was taken out in 2012 by increasing sweep’s startup to 8f.


Yes ken can combo into his sweep as of now,


I’m glad this isn’t something I just made up in my head. Like I can’t hit cr.lp cr.hp but I can hit cr.lk cr.lp cr.hp just because…I have a rhythm to hit it? Really gotta fix it :S

And is the sweep combo like ryu’s? I have a hard time with his…



thanx shinebox downloading now! :smiley:


Fastest ken round ever?


Kazunoko got styled on at 19:57


He did a jab to sweep combo at that timestamp. What?!


How the fuck did that combo?


Must’ve been a situation specific thing. Scammed an extra frame from the fireball FADC or funky hitboxes or something lol


It’s old news. I think it was Shoryusengen who made a video covering all the characters it works on a while back…

It’s just a case of forcing the jab to hit on its second active frame instead of the first frame which gives you +8 instead of +7.




2 matches from a FT10 set vs a friend who plays a good Ken at 5:18





Whoa nice ken play there man…


Alright so I’ve been trying to tell you about Ken’s real BnB and awesome power in the other big ken thread, but I was ignored. (my feelings)
now acknowledge the best ken in the world: me, after watching this video. :3 the best omg ken the bestttt remember im the best. :3
anyway, this video has just some bits and scraps, you’ll have to sort it out yourselves, easy tho if you know basics.
These make ken the best because they are all just big/free upgrades to all his BnB/traps. btw all counterhits are react-able i just didn’t set it to random for easier demonstration.
also clarifying the jump in hp, c.mp stuff…the confirm off the jump in is c.mp link hp.srk…a continuation on block I suggest is c.mp c.mp, the c.mp can counter hit into the second one, the second one can just be reaction confirmed into kara hp.srk fadc U1 or c.lp c.hp srk BnB. etcetc you know the deal.
Ken omg the best :3 nyanaynayanyanyan

man recently kens like momochi etc are copying my c.mp kara srk and other moves…but ive been doing it since many years ago. cuz im the best. :3 youtube.com/watch?v=QKrcye1nO_M&feature=youtu.be