"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



Momochi at SEAM Top 16

Top 8 matches

Grand Finals

Grand finals after reset


So which ken players have you guys been watching? (besides Momochi obviously lol)


Well, I don’t think Michael Tan plays anymore.

There is still:
NGL Chris, he’s leveled up a ton
Koen G Men (this is actually KichijojiKen)



lol awesome…


USFIV EVO 2014: MOMOCHI (Ken) vs DIEMINION (Guile…: http://youtu.be/FTFYee50e0M


Completely forgot about Michael Tan. Don’t blame him for quitting tbh.


Why did he quit?



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuc5Mp8qKcw My highly advanced Ken.


I’m sad I couldn’t make this yesterday, but here’s Lilsicx playing Ultra.

41 minute mark. LilSicx vs Romeo’s Balrog and Disabel’s Honda.

[details=Spoiler]1: Lilsicx ($108)
2: Disabel ($31)
3: Romeo ($16)
4: Albert
5: Pieguy
5: Wilson
7: Bryan
7: 200yen | SickCase
9: Chokenator
9: The Line at Ramen Festival (Jerel)
9: Erick
9: TMC Cell Block
13: RL
13: Matty
13: 200random (200yen)
13: Sickmofo
17: Wow I’m Deric and I’m Great
17: V12
17: Hi I’m Nastyyyy
17: vStrife
17: Fuller
17: Jr
17: Manny
17: Patron
25: Thanatos
25: Joe V
25: Charles
25: Rodney
25: Ivan
25: Keno
25: Drew[/details]


Lilsicx bodying fools…Great tatsu use…


Dunno, not even sure if it’s true, but tbh this game is kinda stale despite being a new version.


there are so many rose players now so every little tip helps.


Amiyu is another notable player. He puts in time but he just picked up Ken in USF4


couple matches from the last tourney i went to… nothing fancy just sharing… went to this tourney the last 3 times… placed 5th. then 3rd. then 1st… I’m still ass lol I’m working on it
starts at 11:30 vs balrog
another at 19:20 vs hugo
40:30 vs cody
vs honda at 25mins
the other fights from this tourney were already posted by joutai


poison looks like a fucking problem. didn’t amiyu play gen b4? those ex tatsu setups were nasty around 6 mins


Yes. He used used Gen, Sagat and Ryu in Arcades but only used Gen in tournaments. He uses Gen and Ken now.


When did you start playing again? I thought you were busy with family and stuff now? I haven’t been able to make it recently due to personal constraints but would like to go to Tap again when possible.


well i don’t practice… but I’ve been going to tap ex the last 3 months… i got married had a son… bought a house… I’m settled in now so i can play again… i just need practice… my ken is still 2012 lol