"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



I enjoyed watching those Ken matches. Was interested to see how often you used standing light punch as a poke which I’m not doing myself. Good stuff.


All 22 colors


Is there really 24 colours for the new costumes???


anybody watch wmf last night? i was rooting for chris but that vega did some crazy ass dark magic comeback shit on him… and he got bet by fillipino mans rose pretty convincingly… rose is rough but i don’t remember her being that tuff except in super… she get a lot of buffs?


ya man use it on the bigger characters… its great on block…


She only got one nerf and some pretty sizeable buffs and delayed wake up helps her tremendously.

• Forward Dash total frames reduced by 1 frame (21F → 20F)
• Close Standing MK hitbox slightly expanded downward
• Crouching LP damage increased by 10 (20 → 30)
• Crouching LK damage increased by 10 (30 → 40)
• Crouching MP damage increased by 10 (60 → 70)
• L Soul Spiral forward movement distance slightly increased
• L, M and H Soul Spiral damage increased by 10 (100 → 110)
• EX Soul Spiral damage increased by 10 (120 → 130); stun increased by 100 (100 → 200); invincibility time increased by 2 frames (11F → 13F);** throw invincibility removed**
• L, M, H and EX Soul Spiral can now be used in air combos
• M Soul Spark start-up reduced by 2 frames (22F → 20F)
• H Soul Spark start-up reduced by 2 frames (29F → 27F)
• Illusion Spark (UC1) start-up reduced by 2 frames (12F → 10F)
• Soul Satellite (UC1) command input changed from 214214+PPP to 214214+KKK; recovery increased by 2 frames (2F → 4F)

Her BnB does 203 damage (24 more damage than Ken’s)

Before she was doing 168…

I don’t think they thought through some of her changes. If anything they should have left her cr.LK and cr.LP damage alone and just increased cr.MP and Soul Spiral damage


damn she got some nice buffs. i didn’t know you could grab her ex spiral though… thx can you grab the other versions? they probably won’t be using those on wakeup tho due to no invincibility thou huh?


delayed wakeup helps her a lot… chris kept getting hit by her soul throw move sat night when trying to “safe jump” her… can ken os sweep her back dash again in this version? time to hit the training room again


small local tourney tomorrow. i will try to get some footage on here so y’all can help me level up lol. plus this forum dry as fuck. what happened to the ken army… at least ken finally won a major though…


I finally got a bit bored of this game!

Moving on to Destiny in September. My arcade stick has about an inch of dust on it!




I swapped to poison. Ken got stale


Understandable. I spent almost a year out of the game and came back a couple months ago and can’t get enough of it again. Funny how the mind works.


We still here, just some new Ken brothers in the room watching and learning.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with Ken per se… But the game got incredibly boring so people either tried out new characters (E.Ryu because more health is new player friendly for example) or one of the new characters.


i won the tourney it was a small one… i honestly didn’t play too well. I’m hard on myself… but a couple cats were recording… when they upload them/share them ill put them here…


I don’t remember what thread it was in, but someone asked about the Akuma match… I don’t like putting footage of me. I’m embarrassed, but if it’ll help someone…



Execution is on point Joutai. Don’t think I saw any drop combos in there at all lol


pretty clean play @joutai now I’m salty that you didn’t come to tap ex lol… need more players. .more comp. .and more kens lol


My comeback. That YouTube wasn’t working in the game menu so I had to use my phone.


1st round shoulda been yours… but man relento is so slippery