"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



Yea it should’ve. I was thrown off by his over head into ultra. He’s very slippery.


How can I forget… PlayerJun52 is another player to watch.




such a boring matchup to watch. but when actually playing it, its so intense cuz every piece of damage is so important vs her… looks like the matchup is played the same though


winners finals at the last tourney i went to. when the host uploads grand finals i will post them here as well…
very sloppy play from both sides imo… working on it…
also to ngl chris and integra very ggs today… i needed the practice in the mirror match fellas. thx again
grand finals


Momochi’s Ken vs Daigo’s Evil Ryu.



If you listen to the conversation Momochi really doesn’t know how to approach the match up that well. He didn’t punish a single sweep and he walked himself into the corner a few times and panicked.

Aside from the errors on both of their parts. I can see why this is a very even match up


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Momochi’s Ken vs Daigo’s Evil Ryu.


man daigos footsies and corner pressure so strong… momochi never got to mount his offense… he was forced to play daigos pace…


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Hey man, im glad you are getting back into SF4, i saw you the other day on Justin’s stream, your bnb execution was on point, but you need to step up your air ex tatsu game, you got the upwards one way too much(against Hugo), also you may need a little bit more of Kara throws attempts(against E.Ryu). Just my two cents, keep up the good work.


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i didn’t know that was a stream… i played again today on it then. and i won… but thx for the info. i don’t watch too many replays of mine when there online… but i been playing online/offline so hopefully you guys will see more of me… chris wants me to go to west coast war zone but i don’t think ill be able to make that one
but if you guys don’t mind seeing online footage i can upload a couple from my cell or xvl if someone wants to teach me how to use the youtube uploader on xbox… but i came back to this thread to see your guys’s kens lol learn from y’all


i hate that ex tatsu nerd tho man… its so annoying but i been using kara hk tatsu now… also I’m still testing trade mp dp into air ex tatsu… sometimes it works some times it goes straight up and i only et 1 hit… same thing when trying to do f.srk jump forward ex tatsu into ultra in the corner…


i think there are very few people who know that matchup at that level so thats understandable but I’m sure he will learn it now… most people still focusing on the newer characters


You need to plink air ex tatsu with a punch (any punch I think) to get the old air ex tatsu.


whaaaaat i didn’t know it was possible still ill go test it now… anyone watch wnf? chris took it… 128 entrants… doooope


man i hate that ex tatsu nerd… i couldn’t get it to work consistently. f.srk jump forward ex kara tatsu worked about 50 percent of the time and i was able to still ultra in the corner… sometimes the ultra would whiff and the other times i got the nerfed version of the tatsu… I think its time to take it out of my game even in the trade mp dp to ex tatsu senario just gonna dash ex srk now… neutral jump ex tatsu still works fine int he corner though


Good shit to Chris. The way the air tatsu works now is if you do it on the way up, it stays in the same spot. On the way down, it’s like normal so you you can still do jump in shenanigans but can’t coward-copter away anymore (unless you plink of course). The good thing about the move now is that all hits are overhead, so we’ve got that cheap shit again now lol On Hugo because he’s so tall he usually eats all of the hits, upwards to like 4-5 hits (sometimes even crossing up between the hits too lol)

One thing you can do if you don’t use the 3xKick/Punch buttons is plink hp into 3xPunch (since the buttons are right next to each other), except you set the 3xPunch button to 3xKick. It won’t be a 100% consistent at first, but after some practice you’ll get there. I thought the same way about kara f.dp and now after going for it in my combo’s all the time, regardless if i drop it or not the thing is almost 2nd nature to me now.


I thought you were speaking of a way to get karat ex tatsu on the way up… but thx anyways. Karas arnt a issue for me no disrespect. … I just need to remember the move got nerfd lol.


yea that’s exactly what i meant.


Will test it again… so lp 1st then 2 kicx… and I get old tatsu on the way up?


Following an FADC? Yes

You’re talking about getting this EX Air tatsu right?

The video doesn’t show this but to get this… you have to plink any punch button to two kicks… you’re basically canceling the first frame of the punch which changes your trajectory from jump to attack

Video by @Joutai‌