"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



yes wtf how he do that… plink hk with mk? no punch button involved? but I’m more concerned with trade mp dp. into the instant air kara ex tatsu… is a punch needed? or nah?
i usually plink from mk to lk but id gladly change it for old ex tatsu in ultra


i have 2 local tourneys this month 1 on the 5th and another on the 13th. i will get as many vids as i can as for I’m going to wmf on the 24th and i know my skill level isn’t up to par. so after vids are posted any advice/tips are appreciated. atm I’m working on offense… using tatsus instead of f.srk i feel like corner carry is very useful and ken doenst get much corner pressure without the tatsu to push him there…


still can’t get this consistently and its bugging the fuck out of me cuz on trade mp dp id rather air ex tatsu for damage/stun/corner carry. have you gotten it often? more practice is needed i guess or maybe I’m doing it wrong.


you have a special place in the ken army… thx for the vids/tech


the trick is to plink the kick on the down back… thx


Damn it. Joon vs Chris wasn’t streamed. Joon put him in losers.

Glad to see you making it out to WNF Joon!




Wtf… looks cool. But not gonna matter if it not gonna be used in tournament


Chris G, Chris WNF, Snake Eyez top 3


Omega Ryu and Ken at 25:35


If that EX uppercut is invincible on start up, Ken is going to be awesome!!!

Neutral jumping Yun’s are gonna get wrecked!!!

Is this the Ken we’ve all been crying for?




Hey guys, would the above OSes be practical in a real match?


1st 1 looks good. 2nd one not so much imo… too much meter


couple matches of me in most recent tourney. more are being uploaded i will edit post…


Is it not worth spending the meter for so much damage? I haven’t tested it, but I think he could catch back dashes with EX SRK or EX Tatsu.


If it was going to kill sure go for it… plus u1 juggle in the corner… but meaty step kick vs rog aint too safe. But I could see it being useful against others in the cast. I just dont like bruning super lol. Rather os and ultra or sweep or burn 1 meter


Here’s an updated OS for you :slight_smile:
Also, isn’t F+MK meaty safe on block?


Meaty step kick isnt safe against rog. Thats the main reason why I don’t like it. But to each his own. Thx for sharing. Im still gonna practice it tho just to have it in my game.


Rather c.lk os sweep or os kara throw. It beats wakeup headbutt. But loses to ex hesdbutt and his ex dash punches


Thanks for the advice. I’m not really a SF4 player but these OS’s seemed interesting to me. Also, your Ken is always fun to watch. Here’s hoping I’ll see you use those OS’s. :smile: