"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



Momochi against Kim’s Bison.


Watched that earlier. Momochi frustrates me when he switches to juri and loses


I never want to see these two play each other again. I can’t take watching Ken vs Bison at high level, it’s too emotional for me. I play both.

I can’t tell if Momochi thinks Juri will do better in some situations, or he’s doing the whole “I bet they don’t have experience” thing.


Marc vs LilSicx WINNERS FINALS (TapEx USF4 Tourna…: http://youtu.be/4Ta4dTMxMZA


Marc vs LilSicx GRAND FINALS (TapEx USF4 Tourname…: http://youtu.be/cg26nZxSZdg


Kim plays KichijojiKen and Yossan all the time.


When ever i play a Bison which plays lame like the way Kim123 did. The match instantly becomes 9-1 Bisons favour.


Me(Ken) vs Essex(Evil Ryu) set on XBL EU


I feel the same way. The truth is that ken has a slight advantage over dictator. I am not exactly sure why, maybe because dictator wakeup is weak to OS.
So the point is don’t give up and beat those sobs.


Why isnt meaty step kick safe it’s -2 on block with 5 active frames meaning you can make it go up to +2 on block max? Or you meant Boxer wakes up with headbutt/armor alot? Just a bit confused because then meaty step isnt safe vs anybody. Also why choose meaty stepkick os instead of something like meaty c.mp? Is it because of the slight forward movement on no-hit that lets the srk connect, or does it give better timing?
The problem is midscreen i see the OS hitting the backdash with only 1 hit, that isnt enough payoff even if KD, ~30/50 dmg for a read with risk is :confused: seems good in the corner tho.

so to beat ex headbutt ex dash wakeups, is delay throw to beat ex headbutts/ex dashstraight am I right…NO i checked… the ex headbutt startup is 12 frames…so theres no delay OSing this only blocking…but then he gets to wake up with normals or back away…
Hmm how do you get advantage on balrog’s wakeup ambiguous jumpin…makes him blow a meter on armor thats all i can do…
How good a safe jumps here again…probably good just I’m not a safejumper cuz i screw up too much…but it might be the best vs balrog…


On the otherside boxer can go to block delay tech to shut down ken’s safe stuff…hmm but all characters can…OK the problem is balrogs weird hitbox and pushback makes my strings on him feel weird which makes him a harder matchup than he should be…the solution is to shorten block strings by a jab or so, and get an advantage off his jabs he tries to sneak in…prob tight traps.

sorry this is how i think as i type help me ty.


You are wrong. Chris Tatarian even confirmed that this match up is in definitely in bisons favour. Bison has a bazillion options on wake up to say F*ck your OS and delayed wake up made life even easier for Bison in USF4 because OS in general are more risky. One of the main reasons why Daigo dropped Ryu.


bison beats all shoto’s 6-4 imo his toolset is a good counter to them and the ex scissor buff really shuts down fireballs now again thats just my opinion


I agree.


Kichi playing against Air on stream. I’ll update the post later when it’s archived.


Who is VotingAxe32 on XBL and why is he so godlike?


me vs ibuki 19;50


vs sagat at 3:10
and grand finals at 35:35


Watching you play sicx is making me want to plug my 360 back in. Love your Ken so much. You make it look effortless!!

GG’s dude.




Agh im trying to get good again. I appreciate the kind words but my competition wasnt the greatest


Since you’re very good at playing Street Fighter, may I ask you a couple of questions in terms of execution?