"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



uh the Shoto matchup has always been frustrating, just messing around here






23:24 Momochi ranked



ugh… mooch got worked last set


why would we be throwing fireball when bison has charge and meter? thats a noon


i really dont feel like kens normals can compete with bison you could force him to move in the past with fireballs and punish openings DWU also gets rid of oki jumpin option selects for the most part it might not be a bad matchup perse but i just dont see how bison can struggle with ken


kens c.mp at max range can compete with bisons s.mk i use c.mk and c.hk to whiff punish bisons s.hk walking and blocking is your friend. also when at max range of bisons lk scissors. s.mp from ken can stuff it as well. none of these are guaranteed but ken has some control in this match on the ground. buffer a fireball after your c.mp during footises and that will help as well… also dont forget we got a damage increase on our fireball. do not i repeat do not be afraid to throw them during footsies and throw them in his face. but only when you see him step forward and lose his charge… as for delayed wakeup that messes with everyone… i feel like if you have the life lead stand your ground make him work for his hit… but if he has no meter go in and abuse him… hope this helps a little bit… ken owns bison when you knock him down… and at this point we all should be able to react to a full screen physco crusher… any other ?s id be happy to answer… i personally love that match so maybe thats why it feels fun to me.


bison with no meter and ken in his face is scary… trust me. can i see some of your matches vs bison? online i feel like its a different story though. so much harder to react and whiff punish


look at the matches above us vs bison… looks pretty fair to me… even the bison says shots are tuff… both sides saying its rough… sounds even


i dont got any recent video’s i am only able to play 5 days a month since my IRL situation does not allow me to be home much in the last 15 months

it might be more of a playstyle thing that makes me struggle with bison more than most of kens established bad matchups


I don’t main Ken, he’s just an alt I like to play in endless, but I’ve always had a hard time with shotos against bison and I don’t think it has become any easier since Ultra. I also play Bison so I know his options and what to look out for I think.
As Bison I’ve always had great results against shotos, so I too believe Bison is at an advantage against other shotos.




First match Michael Tan vs Momochi


Michael Tans triple DP was epic lol







A recent replay of mine… feel free to critique. More replays on my channel as well


Lol did my dude spam lp greenhand at the start of the match?