"Put down the Flowchart, Scrub!" Ken Video Thread



Ggs slims on xbl


Rewatched Maj’s (Sonichurricane) original bi-weekly TAC Ken combo video from back in Vanilla. Some of the stuff he does is still mind-boggling all these years later!


Momochi playlist from this past weekend


NCR 2015 Offstream Match El Cubano Loco vs lilsicx


Thanks for posting. Really tough loss for me. All good though. Nice to meet you as well i hope someone got chris’s match vs bonchan. Momochi hurt my feelings when he picked e.ryu lol. Striders abel aint no joke though


You played good until you got hit by the EX Scarlett terror and follow up combo on wakeup in the 2nd last round sicx. That whiffed dp and him kara throwing your focus on wake up got you cornered, then it was easy for him to sit back, observe and counter what you did. The last round you killed all your meter on ex fireballs and walked yourself into the corner (sucks that he wake up ultra’d you as well). I’m sure the last round of the 2nd game going down to the wire didn’t help you in the 3rd game either.

Vega’s always been pretty tough to play footsies against imo, he’s reach is just so crazy.


Nekojita, Shiro, Rico Suave, Pikagoma and now 801 Strider. Momochi’s Ken has gotten bodied by every single Abel he’s played against.


Momochi lost to Rico? Rough.



I was trying to record off-stream stuff, but my pool was being played when Momochi had to play. I was in Daigo’s pool, but I couldn’t get past the crowd to get a good angle to record him :frowning:


Your ken is so solid bro.


^^i wish i could live up to that statement. But thx for the compliment. . Not happy st all with my ken atm… but real life comes 1st… new baby on the way…


Congrats bro good luck.


unlucky lilsicx, you got bumped a few rounds there very unfortunate.




Saw Gitanda do an interesting corner gimmick. What do you guys think? I’ve only experimented a little with the MK version w/ OS U2 and it seems to beat reversals and catches some teleports. More interested in the scientist on here try it out.



I main Cody but have been practicing Ken for a bit, my first time using him in tourney was this past Thursday at our weekly in San Francisco. Please critique!

Here is my match against El Cubano Loco