Put Felt on Bottom Panel of Your Stick


I just did this to my stick today and wrote up an article about it. My site is pretty hokey, but I’m not a web designer so go easy on the criticisms please. I hope you enjoy.

[LEFT]One of my favorite functional things about the EightArc arcade sticks is the felt bottom they use to prevent the stick from sliding around. I like it so much that last night, after I got done swapping parts between a HRAP3 and Amazon.co.jp HRAP2 and testing it, I realized I was not able to consistently perform inputs the way I could on the EightArc. This made me pay attention closely to my own inputs, and I realized the stick would slide just slightly, and the new angle threw me off enough to make a difference. After this realization I did a search and found that Michaels has adhesive-backed felt sheets, and it seemed that my problem would be solved (well, one of my problems. If I weren’t so bad at video games at my old age, I wouldn’t need to go through this effort). So off I went to Michaels. To play video games better. I know. It doesn’t sound right.[/LEFT]

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I now wish that my TE had felt on the bottom - I will now put felt on the bottom of my sick!


I’ve heard it said that genius answers seem obvious once their known, and this fits that perfectly. Thanks for the article and pictures, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this in the future.


For anyone wondering how to apply non-sticky-backed felt to a stick:
[]Remove the bottom plate and clean it, make sure that you have as much sweaty lap grease and cheeto dust removed as possible.
]Mask over any rubber feet with masking tape, being careful not to mask any of the metal.
[]Apply a fine even coat of rubber cement (Spray preffered, brush works too) to the bottom of the plate.
]Leave it to dry till it becomes tacky to the touch (If you do not do this the felt will absorb the glue and become hard and look like ass)
[]Carefully apply the felt to the tacky underside of the plate, applying even pressure to avoid wrinkles.
]Smooth out the felt, make sure it is stretched tightly
[]Leave to dry for a few hours (I’d leave it 24 hours just to be sure)
]Remove the excess with a sharp exacto-knife and cut out holes for the feet and screws.
[*]Reassemble, then post pics and show off
Felt comes in tons of colours, get some that matches your stick!


Both options are relevant because IMO as the population of Qanba sticks ages there may be a need to reapply the felt bottom to them.


Personally I like shelf liner for holding controllers still. It’s cheap and it’s designed to hold things in place, and it comes in a lot of colors.


… but then where am I supposed to put my “Cthulhu Powered” stickers? :frowning:


I did this to my TE yesterday and it’s working well. I can get a pic up if anyone is interested


I had never, ever, ever heard about felt bottoms like this before right now. I thought this thread was going to be about sound-proofing, hahaha.

Letttt me just get this straight a little bit here:

  • The felt grips onto your pants so that your stick doesn’t slide around as much when you have it on your lap? Or on carpet, I guess?
  • The rubber feet protrude lower than the felt so that the stick can still grip flat/hard/smooth surfaces effectively?



@Deadfrog Exactly that. The rubber feet are the ones that were already on the stick, and this probably looks even better on a TE since the feet screw on instead of stick on.

Also, I’m glad people are finding this useful.




Added this to my Agetec today. Dream Come True. When restoring metal panels, after you polish / refinish them, they are super slick. So this is a godsend.


Great article but you really should get a frontend like wordpress for your website and use kubrick template as a base for your design. I’ve been doing this for a while it’s a great cheap solution.


My current host isn’t compatible with Wordpress. i’m saving to change hosts, but until then I’m making do.


What about joomla?


Can’t do PHP/MySQL? How about another solution that also uses PHP/MySQL? Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Good stuff Jenkins.


Think I’m doing to do this when I install The Link later this week. Thanks for the inspiration, man.


Oh Jenkins, can the adhesive felt come off easily just in case?


Would the 3M spray on adhesive work with felt?