Put the super question to a vote!

SA1: Gigas Breaker
Alot of damage. Alot… of damage… Good reach, a LOT of damage ^_^. Improvement on 360.p

SA2: Megaton Press
Fear factor, they won’t jump as much. Also, you can hcb.k command throw them against the wall and combo into this super like you can with dpf.k. Improvement on dpf.k

SA3: Hammer Frenzy
A useful tool, easily comboable into, can hold down the button then execute a 360, kind of a secret weapon. Perhaps an improved qcb.p, really it’s its own move.

On paper, I think that Hammer Frenzy is either Hugo’s best super or at the least tied with Gigas Breaker because it adds combo potential to his game, and helps create mix up situations between super attack and throw, which gives him a much stronger overall offensive game. Plus it usually allows for a free taunt afterwards.

In reality (when considering the psychological factors), I think Gigas might be the best. The reason being is that it does so much damage that it gives you the patience to play defensively. A hugo player wouldn’t have as much of a psychological urge to attack when he’s down in life if he knows that his Gigas will do 50-60% damage with one opening.

So basically, I think that if you play like a robot, Hammer Frenzy is the best because it adds a new dimension to Hugo’s game and makes him a better all-around character. If you have emotions and need Gigas to remind you to play defensively and thus take advantage of the strengths Hugo already has, then that super may be the best for you.

Plus, psychologically, Gigas has the highest intimidation factor.

The thing I love about Hugo is that you can use all 3 of his supers. Personally I switch btwn SA1 and SA3 depending on the style and character of my opponent but I do use SA1 a lot more. SA2 is good for Ibuki and 12.
I honestly think both SA1 and SA3 are sort of equally good.

PS Good job… hehe… I’ve always wanted to do a poll for Hugo’s supers.

My super of choice is Gigas …
I just love it :T .

Hammer, Gigas is good it’s just learning how to do a standing one and getting close which are both problems

i like sa1 and 3… read my previous posts… sa3 is more effective vs some characters than sa1 would be via akuma, dudley etc but! sa1 is what i use most…

With Gigas, the difficulty landing it pays off in it’s high damage and it’s ability to almost automatically end the round/match. But with ppl like Remy & Akuma when they see that bar they just go “I’ll throw more fireballs now lol”. To make the super very deceptive you gotta learn dash to Gigas, parry to Gigas and standing Gigas, sure Jump-in Gigas ain’t bad but some players won’t always buy it. But this super does instill alot of fear, and no matter how good the other player is, when Gigas catches them they all say the same thing in their head “AW FUCK…”

Hammer is more flexible unlike Gigas where u have to wait for an opening unlike Hammer you can get that opening by landing a Clap, cr. LP x 2, UOH or meaty MP. Can be delayed, has an over-head in the string as well. Bar is shorter and 2 stocks, unlike Gigas, u miss u miss ur SOL! Hammer is def. the noob super anyway but not in a bad way. But if ur both new to the game & Hugo you should pick Hammer, including the fact some ppl still cant do 360’s or 720’s.

Megatron Press, crappy. Only ways to really land it is off a EX Clap (yeah no one sees that coming so they will block/parry), Ultra Throw, or parrying a jump attack or neutral throw in the corner (no damage so useless) so the only real viable options are from an ultra throw or parry. And you can use Moonsault Presses in place of Ultra Throw to super, this way u can coserve bar for later when u really need it. However, Ultra Throw to Mega is still good for punishment. And pretty easy to land since you got a good window of time to land the super off the throw. And using throws instead of super in punishment situations still intimidate the opponent, since they aren’t knowing when they will get supered.

Not putting down Gigas at all but I prefer Hammer.

I think w/ or w/o SA1 Remy and Akuma players are always going to try to keep you away or maybe a bit of hit and run. Against ppl who do that isn’t it even harder to land a SA3? When do you use SA3 vs remy?
Dash in Gigas is nice, parry to Gigas is a MUST, standing Gigas is nice but overrated. Jump in Gigas is extremely useful considering how much Hugo needs to jump in to get close, and once you do enough jump in attacks ppl don’t expect an empty jump in. Well, either that or you get free hits cause they try so hard so get the hell out of there once you jump in.

I really don’t like SAII. Sure, theoretically it scares the other guy into jumping less, but it’s only scary for him if he thinks you’re going to use it. Unfortunately, the only way you can land it that doesn’t involve significant damage reduction is with a random super, and it’s really not one of the better random supers in the game. Almost every character has an air attack that will beat it and some characters have air attacks that they can use on reaction to beat it, especially those characters it’s often considered most useful on, like Ibuki, Twelve, and the twins.

I think the choice between SAI and SAIII largely depends on your skill and to a lesser extent the opponent’s character. A truly excellent Hugo player with SAI is one of the scariest things in the game; any parry or red-parry or dash or clap or walk up or whiffed normal or jump-in could lead to losing half your life bar. While technically a “random” super because you can’t verify into it unless the opponent has messed up or you’ve parried something, it’s one of the scariest in the game. That damage potential and that fear factor can be huge, especially, like I said, if you’re a technically excellent player and the opponent knows it.

I don’t think SAIII’s combo factor really adds a whole lot to Hugo’s game. It’s not like you can combo off crouching forward or standing strong or anything with any range; the only useful things it comboes from are jumping fierce/roundhouse and claps. Sure, it cancels from jabs, but not at max range and it isn’t as easily verifiable as it could be. In picking Hugo I think you have to recognize that you won’t be comboing a whole lot apart from after big opponent mistakes or after parries but instead using powerful single attacks/throws to deal great damage. Hugo has some devastating combos, but since the most damaging ones start with a fierce clap, they’re hard to land except when the opponent has messed up or you’ve parried something.

Anyway, I think SAI fits perfectly with what Hugo is. It’s what I use in the vast majority of cases.

:pray: SA1…

I don’t think SAIII’s combo factor really adds a whole lot to Hugo’s game. It’s not like you can combo off crouching forward or standing strong or anything with any range; the only useful things it comboes from are jumping fierce/roundhouse and claps.

But at the least, it adds a whole different dimension to his wakeup game and allows you to do a lot of damage off of a cross up. You also get a free taunt after it and you can use it to interrupt attacks when someone is bulldogging you.

It can also help you run away from a bad situation (as can SA2).

ud is right it all depends on player skill and opponents somewhat. sa3 has the most options for comboing into, but sa1 once stocked opens up alot of shit and if your opponents know your good, it makes them play the wrong way.

GIGAS IS HIS BEST SUPER IMO… BUT SA3 IS BETTER VS A FEW CHARACTERS… dudley for example… back swing blow ruins hugos grab games… but the hammer stops it clean… hammer is more of an extra poke to hugos game… whenever u see dudley do a f.fp u can just super that shit… or a blocked multipunch… sa3 is the best way to punish cuz the gigas won’t reach em… a blocked corcscrew can be punished with sa3…

elena… omg elena can be a pain in the ass!! BUT hammer changes the pace of the match… stops that b.rh of hers… if u see her using that damn little flying kick i forgot whats it called but the hammer will suck her to the ground scoring all 5 hits… little stuff like that is what makes the hammer more effective that gigas vs elena… ull never land the gigas vs that damn b.rh

sa3… remy can only run for so long lol…use sa3 to capitalize on anything he does … if he does the flying kick fuck trying to parry it just hammer that shit it will suck him in for 5 hits…if u jump and and he goes for an AA parry it and do a j.mk land and sa3 to maximize punishment… remy takes shit damage so hammer hurts… if ur jumping from a distance use rh… it stuffs remy’s s.mp…

akuma… if he fucking teleports!! hammer or ex clothesline that shit down!! if does an airfireball on ur wake up while hes jumping straight up… u can hammer right through it and suck akuma in for all 5 hits… and the hammer takes off alot from akuma… those 2 things makes the difference in using hammer vs gigas on akuma… if u use gigas akuma can teleport from u… yea u can ex line him but u lose the super

other than that I use hammer for wake… if hugo doesnt have a wake up hes rushdown bait when he’s knocked down until he gets the gigas

I think one thing about Hammer is that it’s a good super against guys that love to jump in on Hugo. To be honest the air grab is not the most reliable AA. People like to stick out early attacks vs Hugo until they have you thinking the air grab won’t work. If you anticipate a jump it’s still a maybe. But with SA3 you almost have the perfect AA. You don’t care if they try to hit you high, low or if they do an empty jump in. SA3 will hit them out of it, and you can usually get 2-3 hits. You get the pressure off you, put them in the corner, stun them, and have your own wake up game. From my experience, a lot of Dudley, Elena and Ken players love to jump in on Hugo so I don’t mind using SA3 vs them. Especially vs Dudley’s high/low mix ups, if you’re going to guess parry up close into 720, might as well just watch for the attack coming and bust through with SA3.

Yeah, Hugo Lizard brings up one of the most important uses for SAIII as a reliable, no-brainer anti-air attack.

yea i forgot to mention AA…I use st.mk for AA too its really good and it opens up air grabs cuz they try to parry when they jump… if u use sa3 vs urien when he’s doing a j.rh it will suck him in getting all 5 hits… forgot to mention that hehe

Gigas. Just having a full meter can affect your opponents game, and chances are if you hit it, you win the round.

True, when u have full bar ya opponent says to themselves “oh fuck” then when Hugo is close and the screen freezes they say to themselves “of fuck me!”

hugo with gigas u can turtle for free and sit there and block via Q style… one thing that might help hugo players is this… whenever someone is in ur face during ur wake up and u have a gigas… MOST players will jump back when u get up, if they do… ex clothesline the shit outta of em… it will catch em before they hit the ground… ever effective cuz u get a free crossup to build ur meter back up to have a gigas again

A lot of people might also jump straight up, or use UOH or whatever to bait the gigas… slam that shit with lk backbreaker. :stuck_out_tongue: