"Put UBW_Brolylegs in Divekick" petition


Hello SRK. I’ve lurked on the forums for awhile now but never felt like I had anything to add to any of the character discussions, as fighters have never been my top genre to play. However, recently on my twitter feed, I saw Brolylegs himself commenting about him being put in Divekick. I’ve known who Broly was through the CrossCounter interview he did several years ago, at which point I started to consistently watch majors because I realized the fgc, with all its dickheaded antics, was an all inclusive community. Something not all gaming communities can say about themselves. For this reason, I really feel like Broly should be in Divekick. Not only does it show the humorously trolly nature of the game, but also the acceptance of anyone ballsy enough to step-up and play.

Here’s the link for the petition (started by Broly himself): https://www.change.org/petitions/divekick-put-brolylegs-in-divekick

Here’s the CC interview of Broly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83nSodg-HTU

Keits, you’re a god among men. Make it happen cap’n.


He has to do his attacks by diving face first in true brolylegs fashion. Kinda like dhalsims head dive. Then you will have my signature.


Guys, this whole petition is a little misguided. Its extremely late in the development cycle to add any new content that wasn’t planned a good 5 or 6 months ago. A lot of people wanted to be in the game, and we gave that opportunity out during the Kickstarter campaign. So even if there was time for this somehow (there isn’t), we would need to honor those Kickstarter pledges (from which we took 0 dollars) before we even think about anything else.

Sorry to let you down.


I know the game is still a long way off, but do you have any other plans after the game is released to continue working on it? Sort of how like the Skullgirls team decided to work out any patches to fix the kinks or post release dlc.

On another note UBW Brolylegs sound hilarious. I was gonna recommend a succubus who shellkicks called MissG. She can spend meter to shed tears to make the opponent throw the match and thus put them into a debuff making it easier to land headshots, but Brolylegs sounds like a cooler concept.


If the community is playing the game, we will support the game.