"Put up of Shut up!" Syracuse, NY, 8/15


Alright here’s to the first Put up or Shut up! tournament will take place in Syracuse, NY on 8/15/2009,

Here’s the rundown its being hosted at a Pizza hut resteraunt in they’re conference room in the basement which is pretty well kept and spacious, I will charge a 3 dollar venue fee which will cover food for everyone so be prepared for that, we have a lot of people interested in a lot of different games so I broke it down to main and sub tournaments due to interest and time restraints. The main tournament will absolutley go down they will have my main focus, I will only run the sub tournaments if i get at least 8 entrants, another thing to take not of is that this will be run at a business and as such we have to leave when they close so if anything tournament related is still going on and they’re about to kick us out we can go over to my place to finish, which is about a 5 min drive away

**for full information and to contact us visit **http://www.upstatefighting.com

Time: 12:00 pm EST

Location: hosted at a Pizza hut! heres the adress 3709 W Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY, 13219

hosted games will include

main games 10 dollar entree fee


first to three rounds, best of three matches, double elimination

Street Fighter 4

first to two rounds, best of three matches, double elimination

sub tournament games 5 dollar entree fee

Tekken 5 DR

first to three rounds, best of three matches, double elimination

Soul Calibur 4

first to three rounds, best of three matches, double elimination

KOF 12

first to two rounds. best of three matches, double elimination

anyone with questions or need to contact me email me at


1st tourny ever in a pizza hut?


hype hype hype!!!


Ok so anyone who wants to bring a console or tv for the touranment ill waive the venue fee


Kyle change the title so people will know it’s a BlazBlue/SFIV tournament.


wheres the hype


I read through the OP and even the website and couldn’t find if this was going to be on 360 or PS3. So, is this going to be on 360 or PS3 ? Oh yea and it would be nice to know what the payout is also!


Upstate is going to own.


Mainly ps3 unless specifically requested by playee to play on xbox, ill have both consoles there, payout is standard 70/20/10 for all tournies

Also were gona do regional team tournaments, so make ur teams!


I’m going, let’s have some real competition come.


Let’s go upstate!


Kevin Spears and I would be great for the 5 v 5 for SF4 against who ever. Spears is from cuse. He won a small tourney over there a couple months ago. I look to be getting back in sf4 shape, problem is that can we use multiple same characters on a team cause glory uses bision and I use bison. Also Albany would like to 5 v 5 Buffalo.


if your friend is from cuse, then he should be playing with us! I believe SBO rules, 1 character per team. No 5 Sagat teams.


Put up of shut up!!!


Hello Upstate…


See thats a problem because I use Bison and Glory uses bison. I’d MM him for his spot cause with any other character I’m not tourny solid. I’m trying to represent ya dig. But ask buffalo or albany crew, they would both let you know that I can play. I am really trying to get on that team with my boy JUGG. As for my friend K.spears I’m going to try and make him a regular cuse player by introducing him to ya people over there. After the tourney he won over there he had this kid Dave’s number then he lost it.


Also on the line up. Albany would like to take on Buffalo on a 5 v 5. Make room for that. Please :slight_smile:


Tell ur boy kevin to call me, 3154156054, my names kyle




Double post…hype hype hype