Put your blood in it

not fan art…but sort of neat…hey when you gotta bleed…bleed on paper then do something w/ it.

i have a few pieces of art with my actual blood in it…this is the latest.

god damn thing won’t attach

thats pretty grose, foo.

ink watercolor and blood…looks great in person…a lot of texture.

Interesting and I like it!

If Gammon was here he would probably say the same thing. I did something like this once before. I drew this pic of Cyber-ape, a Spawn character, from one of the comics where the Ape was eating these dogs. I colored the blood with my own. It wasn’t alot but it did add a certain interest to the pic.

Very cool Pic!

That’s very good art. It’s really interesting… and with that, creepy. You know, knowing it’s your actuall blood and all…

I guess there’s an advantege to drawing with blood. If you get bad crits you can come up and say “I put my blood and soul into that pic! How dare you insult it?!” :lol:

Dreaded Fist should learn how to spell “gross” and to apriciate good art. The insane ones are always the best.

By the way, is that a very small piece of paper or some serious bleed? And did the blood drip on the piece of paper or did you smudge it? And weren’t you worried about infecting the wound?

EDIT: I’d have the DOOM backstory scrolling with this as background! :evil:

Dreaded Fist should learn how to spell “gross” and to apriciate good art. The insane ones are always the best.

And you should learn how to spell “appreciate” to appreciate good art.


yeah foo, check yoself.

using blood is gross man. I dab a brush in red ink and splatter it on the picture if I want fast blood. the real blood soaks into the paper and end up looking like water color. Why not just bury your paper then dig it back up. Art that comes ALIVE!!! OMG

I guess we all have typos then, hmm? Bummer. :bluu:

Dreaded Fist, this is to show that if you’re bleeding, you can use your blood for art instead of simply drying it off with some toilet paper, not to drive people into cutting themselves when they want to draw blood.

man your so lame. blood is so 6th grade.

By your other posts I guess you’re the local moron. I guess you don’t get abstract, hmm? :lame:

Or is it simply the problem about drawing with blood. I can get why it doesn’t make the drawing any cooler than simply using water paint, but it definitly saves on resources. :smiley:

what the fuck do you know about abstract painting? your high school teacher doesn’t count kid. by the look of your drawings you barely know anime so i’d shut my mouth if i were you.

I- It’s a ghost…

The Ghost of Sweet! :lol: what’s going on man? We thought you were dead. You’ve missed out on alot of nice art everybodies been posting. Lots of nice solid drawings, new people, and lots of improvements by everyone. You should stick around more, but then again, your probably pretty busy.

this is not to offend anyone, but, I don’t like it when people use “abstract” as an excuse for sloppiness. Abstract doesn’t mean you can throw up something and don’t know what it is, so you call it abstract.

. // ///

THAT is abstract.

It’s shapeless, therefor, it’s abstract! OK?

…Otherwise, it’s a blood splatter on a cracked wall. OK? good.

What high school teacher? I don’t have any teachers who draw.

nothing like some Sweet to smack the newbies back into line. :lol:

Did someone call my name?

Well it is interesting but I have never been a huge fan of abstract. It has to be compositionally profound if abstract is going to impress me; this doesn’t bother me though so it must be alright.

I can only allow you to do what you want with your own art but using your own blood as a medium doesn’t really achieve anything in my opinion. I am not looking cross at your choice but even the symbolic or metaphorical principals of blood in art is wasted on me.

ok…well hell at least it got people talking, so i guess in a sense it was something of a success…but bottom line is i simply had a cut on the old finger, and i didn’t intend on making any art, it was just dripping on paper, but then i just went in w/ pen, just for fun. it turned to this.

And would have happened if there was just one of your drawings there? Quite a waste.

I can vouge that it looks about 10 times cooler in person.