Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IS! Hyper SF Alpha@ Evo World!

Ok this has to happen after several threads being posted and people having theyre own opinions and renditions to what “they” feel who is the strongest character(s) in the game collaborated with what they feel is the strongest ISM Evo World is the perfect opportunity for this to happen.
A BYOC setup should be there for this.
Can the original top tier of Alpha 3 :V-Akuma/ V-Sakura A-Dhalshim stay true and hold it down
Will the OG’s throw it down as they always know how to bringing out the classic renditions of A2 Shotos/ ChunLi, Rose
Will this be another game where CE proves as a major threat to the cast.
Can classic characters like X-Rolento prove theyre worth
Will the CE cast prove to be a major threat as it is in Hyper Street Fighter 2!
Will someone bust out some OG chain combos and run everyone over with classic Alpha ISM
I guess we can all find out at Evolution World in Vegas! Anything and everything goes!

Hyper Street Fighter Alpha 3

  • $5 entry fee
  • 2/3 Double Elimination 3/5 semi finals
  • 4/7 grand finals
  • Dip Switches to be announced
  • No Shin Akuma or Shin Bison allowed
  • No game breaking glitches or characters
  • Pink-ISM and L-ISM banned
  • Turbo 1 speed normal damage
  • 1st. 70% 2nd. 20% 3rd. 10% of Pot

Tentative Player list

  1. Jeron Grayson: New York City

  2. Justin Wong: New York City

  3. Mike Watson: California

  4. Michael “IFCYipes” Mendoza: New York City

  5. Nick Temme: New York City

  6. Julien Robinson: Philly

  7. GGL-saiTo/dcI:psych Washington DC

  8. Phil Burnell/ DSP: Conneticut

  9. TS: California

  10. PhilMcFly: New Jersey

  11. Jason Cole " A Dhalshim" California

  12. Alex Valle “CaliPower” California

  13. Jason Nelson “X Rolento” California

  14. Apoc: California

  15. Ildefonso “SmoothCat” Massachussets

  16. Derick Daniels “Omni” California

  17. FMJaguar “FMJ” Pennsylvania

  18. Shinobi0o “California”

  19. Danny Leong “Inigma” Palm Springs, Cali

  20. Brandon “Demon Hyo” Philly

  21. Final Showdown “Michigan”

  22. drage “California”

  23. Scott Bender “SaBrE” “Arizona”

  24. KenmastersX “Louisiana”

  25. Paro-Da “California”

  26. NoAffinity “California”

  27. Darren Zinman “California”

  28. Ricky “Hellokitty” Ortiz California
    Online Registration ends.

  29. ???

  30. ???

  31. ???

  32. ???

A side tournament to decide the final 4 spots for the Grand Hyper Street Fighter Alpha tournament will be decided at Evo World!

Edit: Cap will be raised if 36 more people register by Evo ! Here is the updated list! 64 players is the final Cap!

Last chance Registration List:

  1. Hell Slap “Oregon”
  2. John Choi “California”
  3. Andy Lee “California”
  4. David Vaezazizi “California”
  5. Cambell Tran “Buktooth” California
  6. Renegade " Virginia"
  7. John Gordon “FlashG” New York City
  8. Arturo “DM” Sanchez New York City
  9. CB “Ontario Canada”
  10. Nocturnal “Canada”
  11. Hung Bee “California”
  12. Dereklearnslow “Chicago”

So are all the orginal A1 characters going to be allowed? That in I mean can I do meaty stand roundhouse with sodom to fierce scrape unblockable shit over and over again? Guy redizzys? Are all those dip switchs going to be on? I dunno a1 characters seem like they would be pretty strong. Also plus for whatever reason it would seem a1 guy is acctualy a fair amount better then he was in the orginal game. You can combo off his air throw/regular throw now. And now hurricane kicks work after bushin throw. You can juggle after duck foward. Guy seems like he could be a threat for sure. Only thing that looks like he doesnt have in the game from a1 is that cross up elbow drop in the corner. I dunno though redizzys, and now the fact that you can just regular throw to super for whatever reason that seems pretty damn good.

Plus supposedly dont A1 characters not get juggled by all the a3 juggle type stuff?

Im only going by what I read in that thread, I havnt played much of the game, but yea a1 characters seem like they could be pretty powerfull.

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING GOES! and yes Dipset switches will be on! If you think your A1 Guy can beat A3 A-Sim then by all means show everyone what ya got!

I’m down for this. :tup:

If you turn on the “version” setup of the dipswitches. Can you crouch cancel?

Yes sir!

if a cypher for alpha gonna go down imma get on it.


It does need to happen… The best way to find out is to make in no holds barred, excluding characters because you think they’re broken doesn’t prove anything.

ill consider picking up this game after this years evo and all the bullshit in it gets sorted. If aism a3 dhalsim is still good ill prolly play it.

I will paypal money to whoever caps this and puts it online. Seriously. :wgrin:

Is Shin Akuma and Shin Bison allowed? I don’t think Shin Bison is that dominant but I think A3 V-ism Shin Akuma would not be fair. You could just air fireball somebody to death.

^ Ban those two, but let the other stuff in.

Let’s get ready to rumble.

No Shin characters allowed!

Ok since of all the BYOC Games I think this will have the most general interest!
Soooo I think Friday night would be a great time to jump off with Hyper Alpha.
I dont mind running it but I will need at least 2 other people to help run it because Im going to be playing in various tournaments and wont be able to keep it running bymyself. So lets go!

Just so I can get a general idea of what Im going to be working with I’d appreciate for those that are interested to please put your name and SRK tag (unless your posting under someone elses account theres no need for this)
Please only put your name if your able to attend. I know that some people will post here and some ppl wont and the people that dont will come enter in person but I will in the case that theres 32 (which it will cap at) it will be 2/3 winners and 1 game losers until final 5.
Thank You all and all good luck!


You can put me down.

But I thought the BYOC area wasn’t open on Friday? Just registration.

lol sorry but I dont know if ill enter, I dont even own a arcade stick anymore.

I like how I didn’t even reply in this thread yet and I’m on the list already. JEROOOOOOOOOOOON~

Regardless, I’m all for this.



They ain’t postin’ but I’m sure you can add Jason Nelson and Apoc to this.

i…may hafta enter this…

Only if your very positive that they’ll join cause then you’ll have people tell me Im using theyre names to pull ppl in or some nonesense!:rofl:
You know how srk rolls, so I prefer if ppl post themselves instead of having people assume they’ll enter.

So what will be the conditions of you “not” entering!? Do it!


Just to put everyone in the clear this tournament will be officially going down in the BYOC area of Evo World. I’ve been getting pm’s, emails and talked personally to people that are very interested in the tournament.
Ben the owner of Alpha.net http://www.streetfighteralpha.net/ will have someone there to record all tape worthy matches, more than likely Top 16. So everyone get that A game up and bust out your stuff full throttle!
I know not too many will post and I may somehow get overwhelmed with people wanting to enter at the event itself but once again I would appreciate if anyone checking the forum interested to put your name and state here that way it will be less hassle with bracketing. Also now you can post for your friends if you dont have internet access or rarley check forums if you think they will be interested and if they dont enter its not a big deal.
Also it is very important that I get at least 2 people to help run this so that it goes by efficiently and smoothly. Once again I will be back and forth play pools/matches and other side events so im gonna need the help.
Im going to Edit the rules and player list to the first post.

Also someone mentioned that the BYOC Events wont be held on Friday? Is this confirmed? Otherwise I’d rather this be done Friday than Saturday since friday will be less hectic. Either way I look foward to seeing everyone there.
Go For Broke!