Putting a chimpSMD into my hitbox that uses a 360 pad

Ok so I have a custom hitbox that uses wires soldered to a 360 pad. I got a chimpSMD to dual mod it. Thing is I cant find very good instruction on how to wire that up, just how to dual mod sticks with weird 360 pcb’s.

Does anyone have good pics/diagrams on how to do this?

Picture please so we can identify your xbox 360 pcb. Other wise look for the Dual modding 101 thread in the read first sticky.

At work cant get a pic atm, its a pcb out of a madcatz WWE fightpad. I’ll dig in that thread thanks.

Should be simple then. You need:
Wire cutter/stripper/ terminal crimper.
Hobby knife.
5 feet of Wire and a 2 quick disconnects per button plus 5. (maybe less if you can reuse the ground daisy chain. If the Hitbox button wires are really long you may not need these)

  1. Cut the usb cable maybe 6 inches from madcatz fightpad. Save the USB cable.

2.Take the cut end of usb wire attached to Madcatz pad.
Carefully with hobby knife, strip off an inch of the outer insulation and nip or cut off shielding braid to reveal 4 usb wires. Black, Red, White, Green.

3.Link the USB cable of the Pad to the ChImp. Strip a quarter inch off each of the 4 wires to expose wire.
Black wire goes to GND, Green goes to XD+, White goes to XD-, Red goes to VCC

  1. Dual mod the signals. Now if the signal wires in the hitbox are long enough you can cut and strip them in the middle and stuff them into the Chimp SMD.
    For example button A. You will need to find button A on the madcatz pad. cut the wire so it can be stripped and screwed into the A terminal of the chimp. Before you do that you should have a wire with a quick disconnect on it that can reach the button. Strip the end of both these wires and screw them into the A screw terminal.

Repeat. For all buttons (including directions that are now buttons)

  1. You can take the ground wire should be a daisy chain set of quick disconnects. Cut it close to the PCB strip it and insert it into a free GND terminal. Because you aready connected the Madcatz GND via USB cable in step 3, you don’t need to do it like the signal buttons.

  2. Strip the outgoing USB cable like step 3 but screw red into VCC, white to OD-, green to OD+ and black to GND.

Ok read up on that thread, from the looks of it I can run wires from the solder point on the contacts of my 360pcb to the correct connections on the chimp, and lop off the end on the 360 USB cable and connect those to the chimp, done. Sound right? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: just read that post above me, musta posted at same time. I dont have any quick releases everything is soldered, and you mentioned branching off my wires in the middle, maybe I’ll do that instead of soldering the connections together on the PCB and risking messing up the working solder jobs. My chimpSMD has usb out, so I think I can skip your step 6

EDIT: nevermind. OK thanks a ton for your help, I think I got it all working, the xbox passthrough works, and if I have it plugged into the PC on PC/PS3 mode that should be a valid test right? (I dont have a ps3 here)

strip the insulation more… fold over the wires… place back into screw terminals… the added thickness of the wires doubled over will help

Wow so they cheaped out on the quick disconnects and soldered wire directly to buttons huh?. Yes you should then cut in the middle, provided the wires are long enough. If not then you would have to just buy wire and resolder wires to the buttons.

One other thing you can try for the signal wires. Red Splice terminals. You are going to need a lot of them one for every button. The red one is for thinner wires 22 gauge and up. Basically these tap one wire into another.

To add to BlindwithoneArm: Fold it over on all sides like a flower being pushed down. You want that metal to metal contact.

I want to add that a Chimp SMD has a USB type B port.


Update: my meter is reading things correctly, the signal makes it from button to chimp, and finds the ground from the XBOX usb when the button is pushed correctly, but SSF4 button config isn’t seeing the buttons being pressed, ugh.

EDIT: Also, now when I hooked up Up and Down, if I hold Up SSF4 will recognize Down. wtf

Take a pic of the wiring from the 360 pcb to the chimp…sounds like either you miswired the pcbs or you miswired the signal lines to the buttons…actually check the signal lines to the buttons first…

The pic is going to be an absolute mess and I’m at work now. I can photoshop up a diagram of exactly what I got goin on. the Xbox -> Chimp works perfectly when I plug into my 360. When I test the connection from scew on the chimp to contact on the button the signal line seems fine, hmm.

picture will still help. you say pressing pressing the “up” button will cause a down command? or are you pressing both up and down together…

A drawing will not help.
Because we cannot see a short if there is one.

Yea, I’ll take pics when I get home, but itll be hard to see wtf is going on because I just used a bunch of cat5 wire heh. When I hit up and down at the same time down will register, its wierd.

I guess when I said it would be simple, I meant it would be simple for me.

here is what it is supposed to look like. I only did button A.

haha it is but if you miss something and you keep looking at the same wires they all start to blend…sometimes a fresh set of eyes help identify the problem…it happens…

It shouldn’t matter if I did it this way should it? the signal gets to both regardless.


my yellow instead of yer green, runs from button to both

Also, Im supposed to run my ground loop to the chimp and not the xbox pcb?

rtdzign, you wired A to 2K.

Yeah that should work too. Color of wire doesn’t matter, nor does the order that you bridge things in this case. So long as they are linked.

As for the ground, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. They are all different points for the same piece of metal.