Putting a Happ 360 stick in an HRAP2


If it isn’t, are there any 360 sticks available which will work with an HRAP2?

And could someone please link me the FAQ which explains how to put a new stick in it? I’ve already seen this post:


and it explains how to put a new japanese stick in… (would it be the same?)

Possible? Yes. Easy? No. The Japanese equivalent of a Happ P360 is the Sanwa Flash which is hard to find and very expensive.

Someone awhile back talked about how he put Happ stuff into his T5 stick but didn’t make a tutorial I don’t think. I haven’t done it myself but I know you would need to do a lot of modding to the case to make it work.

after more browsing, I’ve found the GT-0 round restrictor plate at lizard lick amusements!

Please tell me this gate works in an HRAP2!!!

How to install? :confused::confused:

If you want to install the GT-O you need a Sanwa JLW, the joystick that is in your HRAP is a JLF and it does not fit the GT-O.

Just get the GT-Y restrictor gate. Its octagon and just as good as circle if you cant get use to a square gate.

I have very little modding experience but I’ll share what I do know: it will be a huge and complicated pain and there may not be any way to do it without ruining the pretty HRAP2 top. It will probably death and hell if it’s your first experience with stick modding/building, and a HRAP2 would be a real purdy thing to wreck.

Some alternate options that may be worth considering:

  • A Sanwa Flash may be much easier to put in. Unfortunately I don’t believe it can fit an LB-30N bat top. The Flash is discontinued but I’m pretty sure you’ll still be able to get one with a bit of digging. I’ve never used a Flash; I couldn’t tell you if it will feel like the P360 so be sure to ask around about this first.

  • Do you like the Japanese button layout, or are you desparately trying to convert your only stick into something else? If you just wish you had an American setup, someone in the Trading Outlet might be willing to swap with you for a MAS.

If you decide you can and do want to create some two-country ocean-spanning hybrid frankenstick, by all means do. Your own stick should be the way YOU like it, after all! I might tell you you’re sick but I support you 100%.

This is all advice meant for a beginner, from a beginner. I don’t know how much you know, but if you know less than me then I hope this helps you!

This is retarded.

Why on earth would you want to put a horrible stick (yes, horrible stick) in a case made for a better jap stick? It doesn’t make sense, if you like bat tops, buy a bat top for it.

It’s like putting a ford engine in a Dodge Viper. What the fuck?

Two points there:

  1. Agreed on the bat top.
  2. Order a second spring to tighten up the feel a bit if you’re hung up on Happ sticks.

Honestly. Once you get used to a japanese stick you’ll never go back.

Sell the HRAP2 and buy a MAS. Forget about modding it.

I love the buttons and the layout. It’s all great.

The square gate is getting to me because of double-hadouken motions (I only need it for 3S), and I prefer the American feel of a 360 over an 8-way.

then get custom happ stick with the same layout

Seriously. Sell the HRAP2 to someone that loves it for what it is (a fantastic stick) and use the money to buy a happ.

p360 isnt horrible, best stick ever made

id neg rep you but your av makes me smile

ahhh w/e ill do it ;p

I would expect more coming from someone who is good at marvel.

I’m guessing you just don’t know much about arcade sticks.

Well not as much guessing as knowing.


exactly! P360 my serious mistakes in construction - this is fact. I had comparison. I use him but I altered all elements: shaft, washer, pivot, actuator, spring, I calibrated led… and now works perfect:razz::razz:


dispite him not knowing english very well, he makes all the points as to why the P360 is a garbage stick. I’ll clear that up if needed…

It comes down to a matter of opinion. You may think it’s a piece of shit but other people may not. I like everything about them, except for the grinding after they are broken in.

the older p360 post-after wico sold it to happ when it was really good. those batches never failed, hell i still own 2 from that period and it still works flawlessly. its been 4 years. tell me if a jap stick can withstand 4 years of marvel and ill give that person 1G straight up (wayyyy before the optical sanwa came out).