Putting a Major NYC tournament together - a thread of planning

Despite being in the community I do not desreve the honor of being a vet just yet. At least not until I pay my dues to the community.

Mobius is the name of a tournament I am planning to do with a few people in NYC. Not just some random area of NYC but in Manhattan in Hunter College. Thanks to a few people I have rented a venue that is roughly 5,000 sq/ft for a decent amount. Our goal is to have a big 2 day event there with players for AE, MK9 , T6/TTT6, 3s, and MVC3. I figured I would write this up to tell you about myself and what I am doing to make this big rather than a random tournament.

I guess the first thing was to get someone that is going to help me with this community. I have look towards people I look up to as players and as tournament hosts. I look to Jago and Mike G. Right now I am talking with both of them. I trust them right now, and to be honest I need to earn their trust some more, but I know it will work out.

So currently I am trying to contact them to see who will make the thread. It is basically a matter of what I think will be best for the event. I did announce the schedule to Jago which is , as follows :

*Day 1 *

11am - 130pm - check in / registration
130pm - 330pm - 3rd strike teams / AE teams
330pm - 630pm - MVC3 teams / MK 9 1v1 / Tekken 6 1v1
630pm - 1130pm - MVC3 1v1 / AE 1v1 / 3rd strike 1v1

Day 2

*11am-1230pm - Check-in *
1230pm - 230pm - 3rd strike 1v1 final 8 matches
230pm - 430pm - MK9 1v1 Final 8 matches
430pm - 630pm - AE 1v1 final 8 matches
630pm - 830pm - MVC3 final 8 matches

I made it a goal to have this be 2 great days. With that I figured we would make the prices pretty inexpensive. First off

Venue = $20 | $10 per day
Tournament fees : $10 per person each event.
Date : November **12th-13th

That is the most important thing for us. With that we can help to make a huge event. We are also going to be working on Badges so we can keep track of everyone. I think that will help us.

I want to payout top 8. Bottom line if we get the numbers we are suppose to we should pay top 8. NYC is too stacked for a top three pay out.
Overall look of the tournament media wise.

I think one of the main things communities do not use is the use of twitter and facebook. With the community I lead ( the Smash community ) we created a tournament program ( Tio for those who do not know ) that can link to a twitter account. This would help us tremendously. What we can do is use an official twitter ( like a official ______ [ insert tournament name here] ) to post who wins what as well as pictures and such to the twitter. Using the social media to provide better coverage for us will be a great thing for all communities. Twitter is something we should be using more of.

Obviously once promotion gets away a twitter AND facebook page will be made. From that we will make a logo. I have my girlfriend creating logos. Here are 2 that she has made :



As you can see those are very well done. Once I get a thread made by people more in know with this community I will be making those as well.

That is it for today I will probably add some more thoughts along the way about how I want things to look and such.

Nice. I’ll see if i can get a mod to move it to the tournament section.

Post this in the Next Level Thread to. Online registration or pay at the door?
And when does AE 1v1 start, i don’t see it anywhere.

"630pm - 1130pm - MVC3 1v1 / AE 1v1 / 3rd strike 1v1"

as for updates… I am talking with Andre (jago) on the date …reaching Mike G is a little hassle but I figure it will be when I am not known.

I want to do online registration it would make things a lot easier but I would also add at the door thats just my idea.

*I dont know if I should post in teh next level thread would that not be taking away from the point of the thread?


Looks oddly familiar…

oh I am a huge fan of megaman x4 so I asked my gf to make it similiar xD…other than that Apex 2012 is the largest smash tournament series ever…its like smash revision of evo LOL

good shit alex!!

sounds good. i’m in there

To update : Right now I was told that Triforce is doing something with Empire around this date. Once CEO is done I will hear from Jago and Triforce. I want to make sure Mobius does not conflict with that.

With that said as a person I am glad triforce is doing his thing trying to improve things for gamers! No I am not in empire just respect the journey of a man from where he came from.

Posting in the Next Level topic for more exposure.

Some CvS2 love please?

Trust me I love a lot of those games especially games like CVS2 , MBAA, BBCS2 , and GGXXAC. This is more about doing an event where we can get a nice flow to it all. Before, I used to do events with everything. While it ran well I just felt overwhelmed and pressured. I had to break events down now and work from the ground up on what to do and what to add. Also, I worry about people bringing equipment to the venue. I want to make sure we get this all done first. My goal is to make this a once every semester event. One in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Update on the Date : I am talking to triforce now about it. Apparently, he is planning something big in Iowa and in NYC ( probably at the franklin square venue ). People will say " F THEM LETS DO THIS " but I feel that is a wrong approach. This is not because he is helping me in another aspect but it is bad , in general , to treat people like that. Again if this needs to be postponed until next spring semester ( aka next year ) I would not be upset but I really had my personal sights set on this coming Fall. I wanted to show the community in NYC how good we can be overall. On top of that, I wanted to, as a fan, see all my favorite players go at it and watch people play MK9 in person. Many may not like the game but a lot respect it ( which is a GREAT THING considering how the last MK was ). Overall I am glad for the support I am receive and I am doing everything in my power to do this asap.

Edit 1 : We are looking great for Oct-Nov date. Right now it is about picking the right date then getting some people to run the events. I want to ask a few people but here is who I narrowed it down to that I want to ask or have asked.

3rd Strike : AntiShoto - A good friend and one of the main people in the 3rd NYC scene.

AE/MVC3 : Mike G / Min / D1 : The first 2 run Guard Krush. I would be honored if I could have them work with me. I respect them a lot. D1 is a great and close friend of mine. If anything were to happen I would trust him with everything

MK 9 : IDK - I do not know anyone in that community that well to ask for help. I mean obviously I would but I just do not know anyone.

In my community ( Smash ) I am considered one , if not the best , tournament host. While I can run the brackets very well I cannot seed this community. It would not be fair , or right of me, to say who is better than who. While I can go based off common knowledge I cannot distinguish mid level players or people that live/play with each other often. That is where I would need help.

Also, I feel brackets should not be changed mid way into a tournament just because friends are playing each other in semi’s or finals. If you are the best player and your friend is the second best those things will happen. Also 1v4 and 2v3 is how seeding goes. I do not think changing it up just so that doesn’t happen is fair or correct. Also, in regards to double jeopardy it is since when the next time they meet they are often some of the final few left. That is, as they say, how the cards lay sometimes.

Did you post it already or do you want me to do so? Again I do not want to be one of those guys trying to make a big tournament by posting in others threads. My goal is simply to make something big in Manhattan so that people from across the US can come.

Posted already.

NYC needs some more majors. That way I can actually go to school AND go to tournaments.

thanks then. My next mission is to figure out who should help me run things. I know who wants to help but I need people who understand that this cannot be just a tournament but something that we help bring sponsors in for and develop for the future. Obviously, based on people we have entered and finances we will pay those who help but they should want to help in the first place.

Shit man, I kinda live in NY and run anime tournaments. If you got the space and wanna help us, I got the time to run things and help you.

Def. First up is to talk to Mike Gee and get him on board. I wanna def do more on the production end ( I would be honored to work with spooky also :slight_smile: ) and I will see :slight_smile:

Update : Going to meet up with Mike G , and hopefully, some others Thursday to talk about the event.

I couldn’t be more hype considering I go to Hunter College, please let this happen!

thursday I meet with them so lets see

Great update. Jago is going to make a thread soon. Just gotta confirm what date he wants make sure its reserved and it is ready to go. Also, I have been working on prices and the budget and it looks to be good. We are also going to work on getting sponsors once we confirm staff and everything is ready. I am excited.

Meeting with Mike G was moved up to Wed at 8bit. Hopefully I can speak with Arturo there to see if he and TS can stream/be a part of it!

Fid the new thread for this tournement come up yet, im so in there i dnt wanna miss it!!!

Do not let this guy run a tourney. The last time this guy did anything Street Fighter related, he punched his girlfriend in the face and ran off with the money mid tourney (at web2zone). 5 years ago. Smashers have told me not to work with this guy as well. He’s not to be trusted, he fucked up the last SF event he touched and tried to come crawling back. I’m thinking about having him added to the list of banned tourney organizers.