Putting a Playstation Dual Shock PCB in a SFIV SE Stick (Dual Mod)

Once again, this is about modding a SFIV SE stick for a good friend of mine, and I was unable to get results from a search. Now before you start with Cthulu or other universal PCB’s, those aren’t an option. While I’m not disrespecting those PCB’s, they are missing one key component: Dreamcast compatibility. My friend and I both love SEGA, and fighting games, and the main reason he wants to mod his stick is for Dreamcast compatibility. Adding a PS1 Dual Shock seems to be the only way to make his stick compatible with every console he owns (Wii, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3).
As for sticking a PS1 PCB in the controller, that would be an easy job. However, I like the extra (somewhat useless) functions of the SE stick like analog support and rapid fire, and would like advice on dual modding the thing. While I have a general idea on the means to do so, I thought it would be wiser to ask before I find out I don’t know what I’m doing.
Pretty much, I plan on removing the quick disconnects that are already on the wires of the SE-PCB. Then I will solder the ground and signal to the PS1 controller, and apply new quick disconnects. There are a few things I have questions about though. I’m fairly certain that if I accidentally have the PS1 signal soldered to the SE ground, it will completely mess up one or both of the controllers. Also, I noticed the wire harness/terminal (sorry for my lack of proper terminology) under the stick, with all the buttons wired to them. Is there a way to use this to easily wire up the controllers? Thanks for any help/comments.

You can’t get new functions if the PCB did not originally come with.
What I’m saying is you can’t get Turbo and Analog of Mad Catz to work with PlayStation PCB if it doesn’t have Turbo and Analog.

I don’t know what easy means.
But you can use the Terminal of Mad Catz FightStick, yes.

One row is Ground, the other row is Signal.
Just solder to the pins there, and go to the PlayStation PCB.

Or you can solder to the Quick Disconnects themselves.

Or you can do this.

Remember to connect Ground of Mad Catz to Ground of PlayStation.
Remember to connect +5V of Mad Catz to +3.3V of PlayStation.

Who told you the MC Cthulhu was incompatible with DC adapters ? I’m pretty sure the Cthulhu is the most compatible with anything PCB (check the relevant topics - including the one on converters). If not, report the problem with details to Toodles, he can certainly see what can be done about it.
As for removing the Quick disconnects, don’t, it would be a silly move, you don’t need to removed any QD to get the dual-mod done. Also, if you connect one PS1 signal to a SE ground (provided both PCBs are linked accoding to dual-mod ob), all you’d get would be a button activation on both PCBs - not a big deal, it’s the normal thing happening when the stick will work.
If you’re unsure about your soldering/understanding skills, ask a competent member to do the job, it’d be a shame to see the SE PCB fried due to lack of experience.

Or we can all get on toodles to make DC part of the MC2

You hear me Toodles? lol.


Dual Shock pcb’s are missing that same component :slight_smile: If you’re talking about combatability with DC converters, MC does a great job of that. (All of the ones tested my Mixah and myself works flawlessly including Innovations. I’ve heard I think two people complain that their Innovations didn’t work, but I haven’t gotten a bad one in my hands to play with yet. Known tested converters are listed in the first post of the Cthulhu thread. Last note to throw in, MC works with PS2 BC games on a PS3, unlike the current PS3 madcatz board. /endsalesmanship

Nope. If you have to ask, you don’t have the ability to make it happen.

Reader’s Digest Condensed Dual Mod Guide:

  1. Obey the golden rules of dual mods (FAQs, first post of Cthulhu thread if you need a refresher.
  2. Connect power to power. Connect Ground to Ground. For all signal lines on one board, connect to matching signal lines on the other board.
  3. There is no step 3.

I’m one of the few with an incompatible Innovation PS > DC converter. I think mine only worked with MC firmware 1.3 or 1.4, not with the current 2.0

Even still, it’s a minor thing. As it’s much more convenient to have a detatchable cable instead of a converter for each other console the MC Cthulhu supports. Avoid the Innovation and pick up an EMS converter instead and the MC Cthulhu would work very well for you, as you’d only need a converter for Dreamcast.

With all the questions you’re asking, you’d probably be best off having someone else do the mod work for you - or do a lot more research before undertaking it yourself.

Lol, when I said I’d like to keep the extra functions of the MadCatz controller, I mean for the Madcatz controller only. Obviously, the Madcatz PCB is what provides the rapidfire and analog functions for the controller, and would not provide it to the PS controller. I’m just saying that if I didn’t want those functions for the controller, I’d just remove the Madcatz PCB and slap in a PS-PCB.
As for the Cthulu, while I’d be interested in giving one a try eventually, right now a PS controller will suffice. While the Cthulu will provide more convenience, the PS controller is more cost effective (I can get one for 2 bucks). Not dissing your product in any way, but this seems to be the better solution for this issue.

Oh, that is what you mean.

As long as you don’t go crazy with the soldering iron, I think you’ll be good.

None taken. If it does what you need at a lower price, more power to ya.