Putting AE2012 after UMvC3?


Is there a reason Majors keep insisting on putting SF4 as the final event of a night at a major? Is SF4 actually getting more stream viewers and tournament entrants than UMvC3? I thought Marvel was top dog in the US. Other than Civil War (good job, Robin) it seems everyone keeps putting SF4 last. Personally, I’m a better SF4 player and enter that game more often than Marvel, but I’d much rather watch a Marvel finals, and all air feels taken out of the room when SF4 comes on after Marvel. It seems like Marvel should always be saved for last.


I think the reason SF4 is last at Evo is because this is primarily an international tournament. Kind of like USA vs Japan vs all other countries. And since Japan mainly plays SF4, and the goal is to find a worldwide champion, that’s why SF4 is last.

If you took out the international factor and this was only an American tournament, then yeah, I think Marvel would be last then.

Just my two cents.


Only makes sense that the game with the most entrants and most international prestige gets to be the main event at the biggest international tournament.


Wasn’t marvel last last year?


Tournaments dont cater to stream monsters, they cater to actual tournament players.

And AE has more entrants than Marvel


What the person above said. I believe SSF4 gets the most entries (which means more money) and many viewers as well. And i am not here for my ass to be beat on the less popular tournament. I signed up for SSF4 because it’s the biggest one so all the money spent and fly from mexico will be worth it. Now watch my C.Viper be eliminated instantly. :coffee:


Nope, they put AE last. It worked out well (the hype kept going even after Marvel) so they’re doing the same thing this year


This part I didn’t realize. It makes sense for that reason


its an international tournament and marvel is only most popular in usa