Putting art in arcade stick sides

How can I do this?


Byrdo’s Street Fighter 2K6

Do I have to print the art in adhesive paper? I suposse that if I choose this way, the art will wear after some several use, right? Is there any other way to achieve this result?

Sorry Byrdo for using your image, if you want, I’ll delete it, I wanted to show what I wanted for my new stick.

good question, Byrdo is best design joystick and lot pay to real a company.

I think maybe that’s skins or sticker paper.

Why not… you ask Byrdo?

you can get that done at fed ex kinkos, its adhesive vinyl. unless byrdo did something else.

byrdo is indeed a bad man, and only about half the kinkos will do any kind of vinyl

and make sure you have it sized exactly right before you go because i thought they would do it themselves, but they dont, which cost me for 2 useless copys of a template last time