Putting backgrounds behind gifs?

I’m new to the moving avatar thing and I couldnt specifically find a guide for this since I can barely explain it but it goes like this::

Say I make a banner, and I want to put a moving gif on top of it, so I go to gamegen or whatever and get one of the moving gifs ex: Psyloke’s animated projectile, how do I then put that moving picture on top of my banner?

Furthermore, is it a way to split the frames of a gif such as the ones at fightersgeneration after you save them to your drive?

I appricieate help in advance

I made my GIF in Image ready. That lets you do all the stuff you just talked about.

I think “Image mishmash” section of this forum would be better at answering your question. They are the ninjas at GIFs AVs and the like.

Best of luck