Putting custom art on an HRAP2?

I’ve tried clicking on links in other threads, but it seems the original topic was deleted. I also browsed trough all 9 pages of the forum without getting any results. What I’m wondering, mainly, is what type of materials should be used, type of adhesive and the such. If any one has a tutorial or tips, it would be very helpful.

The Search button… such an under-rated tool.



those links you gave him are for hrap1s. would that help him still? he said he had an hrap2.

It’ll still work. The measurements should be the same.

Alas, it’s not the same… the layout of the buttons has changed.
I’m desperate to find a template for a HRAP 2 or a T5 Jap, I think I’ve searched everywhere but I didn’t find anything…
I tried to make one all by myself, but I always have some misplaced holes on my template for the buttons…
Is there anybody out there who can share his template, I would be sooooo grateful… Thanks a lot!!

Spacing between the joystick and buttons is different as well as the button layout.

have you tried scanning the layout from the hrap2 box?

that is what i did, and scaled to fit the template made for hrap1, it gave a guideline of the button placement, and i design my custom art accordingly.
(you can skip this step if you have art that wont get cut off or dont care)

print without the button outline, and cut out it out,
turn it over and align the metal plate of the hrap2 with your cutout
take a utility knife and remove all unwanted holes

hope this helps

the problem is that I have a T5 stick, which has the same layout as the HRAP2, but I just can’t snap out the buttons from the metal plate as the PCB is soldered directly to the buttons…

I would have done it like you said, but I can’t… :-/
My only solution is to have the template printed so I can cut my custom art sticker accordingly before applying it…

You can always desolder the buttons, then solder them back on when you’re done. Better yet, snip off the ends and crimp on some quick disconnects to make future modding easier.

yeah i could… But I don’t have a soldering iron and I’m really not gifted for this kind of stuff… :-/