Putting MegaMan Music on Increases Fighting Game Performance?


One day, I was playing CvS2 with some MegaMan music on, on 8-star difficulty. I had noticed that beforehand, I sucked bad on 8-star difficulty, losing at the first fight. This became very intresting, so I decided to test it. I tested it on everyone in my house, and my friends. I noticed that when they played without the music on, they sucked badly. When I put the MM music on, their performance increased by 35%! Why don’t you try this at your home, see how it turns out?


I listen to Vangelis when I play SF3.


I honestly believe it depends on your character.

If your character moves compliant to the beat of the song you’re playing, then somehow it seems to effect your playstyle too.

Take this for example: [media=youtube]PYRMv_SgOiI[/media]

Ryougi’s hits are really spaced in time with her music when she combos. I actually find that when playing her on this level, my performance improves and I’m less likely to drop her combos/mistime her rekkas.

Same goes for back when I was playing DMC34. I once put some hardcore happy music on while I was doing a combo run on level 2, and found that I got hit way less often and that my concentration improved.


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Hm…maybe I’ll try MegaMan music on SF3, see how I do. Oh, what difficulty was it on?


Maybe I’ll try that too, with Quick Man’s music. But…I probably can’t keep up with Quick Man’s music. Oh well, I’ll try anyway.


35% you say? UNBELIEVABLE!


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I know right? Had no idea it would increase THAT much.


Once again it depends on the pacing.

The music I was listening to while playing DMC had a beat rate of 200bpm. It synced up very nicedly to the actions and movements of Dante in Swordmaster style using Nevan. Quick man’s music might not match whatever character you’re playing. I guess the logistics behind it is that if you have a constant beat in your mind, each hit keeps you aware and reminds you that you should be doing something and/or paying attention to what is on screen. Of course it also kind of makes you want to spam buttons. so eh.


Did you just make up some statistics or what? :tdown:

I can understand music hyping you up, but increasing performance? Nah.


I just tried it. Comboes were off beat. Maybe Akuma’s not the proper character for that music. Maybe something slower, like Bubble Man’s song? Or, playing Quick Man’s music playing as Vega? Vega’s pretty fast.



How were you able to get a percentage of improvement out of your little experiment?


A little bit of music always increases my performance, if you know what I mean.



How would MM music work out? Is the 35% consistent? Can OP insure that 35% increase in performance?


akumas alpha 2 music

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i nutt real hard when i hear this song [media=youtube]iecZ9SjzTpY&feature=related[/media]


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you’re all heathens. This is the song to listen to while jamming to megaman hype.


Ah, yeah!!! “If only I had the item-2, it would be so much easier to beat this level, but every time somehow, every time somehow, every time I lose!! I can’t defeat AirMan…blahblahblahblah I forgot the lyrics again…” I need to learn that, I mean, I got Duane&Brando’s MM2 Rap learned by heart.