Putting my TE stick parts into my SE, some questions

Hi, i understand that TE sticks have both sanwa buttons and a sanwa stick. i own a TE for ps3 and an SE for 360. i want to swap the sanwa parts from my TE into my SE. which parts of the SE are NOT sanwa? is it just the buttons? or should i go and swap stick and buttons? thanks!

also, if anyone wants to run me down on how to do this, i would appreciate it, but if not, i guess i can figure it out. these things are supposed to be easy to mod right? thanks alot!

edit: btw, just what kind of parts is SE using if its not sanwa anyway?

nothing in the se is sanwa. they are all copies of wot is in the te.

to take the joystick out
on the te 6 screws on the top, on the se 6 screws on the bottom
on the joystick mount plate there are 4 bolts with red glue
locate the harness, it has 5 black wires connected to a white plastic case
use a heater or hair dryer at highest temperature and lowest wind DO NOT USE heat gun

to take buttons out
locate 2 tabs on the opposite sides of the buttons, they generally protrude out of the roundess of the button. squeeze them and push them out.

There is nothing Sanwa inside a stock SE - you will need to replace both joystick and buttons (aside from start/back & select).

Low grade buttons and some wretched counterfeit Sanwa JLF joystick. They’re usable, but nowhere near Sanwa or Seimitsu quality.

thank you both very much!

what are you planning to do with your TE shell?

Litterbox. I figured transporting parts into an SE is for the sake of portability.

i was probably just going to keep the TE shell around, maybe if i ever need a ps3 stick for something, dont have any plans for it