Putting myself on blast~ 1 on 1 dlc?


Yesterday i was in a endless lobby on sf4 of random players i have played threw the past, asked if any of them owned or played sf x tekken… most said they traded it in week 1 or just did not digg the team/tekken tag system…

Made me think why would they not add a 1 vs 1 to bring in the crowds instead of alienating them, all that would need to be done is lock the abcd launch magic series …meaning you would not get the launch animation but 2 high punchs and locked the mk mp that does the team cross assaults and cross arts and then you have basically a ST type game with sf and tekken characters that can do ex moves and super arts…

Now put me on blast…On thats not the way they want us to play

What would sfxt be like with a 1v1 mode?

Sounds cool to me.
I like that idea.


not sure…because I feel it would just deduced the game to AE with weird system mechanics…2 or 3 of them being completely omitted…


me to and seeing all the work they have done to make a touch screen vita dev work for something that will sell miserably , i dont understand it either …its a real easy fix to just lock the team shinaningins out …even in tekken tag 2 are they not giving that option 1 vs 1 1 vs 2?


yes it would play like a Normal sf game…And i believe the players would flock in, im just putting my self on blast and think it was rushed lazy dev work, i feel all these chars could make a great 1 vs 1 game… be cool if pc guys could build a mod version…i bet it would have legs


no no. My vega would be bottom tier if it was 1 on 1. 1v1 would heavily favor the tekken characters


Who said You would not be able to play game normally in the intended mode…do you fear the games so bad that if people were giving the choice, they would not play the original content…that means the game in it self is pretty bad choice to have made in the first place? im not talking about changing the game ,just making a 1 vs 1 mode, like you i fear my idea is so great that yes the 1vs1 would be played 99 to 1 then its original intended design


i was just feeding you bro.


Eh. I feel the same way about that idea as I do about a 1v1 mode in Marvel, or (more to the point) the 1v1 (and 2v1) mode in Tekken Tag Tournament: it would defeat the purpose of the design.

Even then, I can almost guarantee you that not one person who plays AE and doesn’t want to play SFxT or doesn’t like SFxT, didn’t avoid it only because of a lack of a 1v1 mode. The game is polarizing - some love it (cough me cough), some like it, some hate it, some really hate it.

If anything, the fact that it’s a 2v2 tag game where only one character has to be KOed is part of what makes it unique compared to everything not named Tekken Tag. Adding a 1v1 mode option runs the risk of splitting the audience (yeah yeah yeah inb4whataudiencejokes), and at the very least it seems like this game was balanced with the team aspect in mind from the get-go… it’d be a whole different balance tweak at that point.

I’m not confident Capcom could handle that, looking at their track record (at least not without patching).

In the end though, it really just comes down to SFxT being its own beast. 1v1 as an option… I’m just not a fan of that, and I’ll give Capcom at least that much credit; they stuck with the format they felt would work best and bring something unique to the SF world.

…they’ve kinda’ FUBAR’d other important things though.


No. It’s a tag game. If you want 1 v 1 then go elsewhere. Don’t try to change how the game is meant to be played because you can’t be bothered to learn more than one character.


Hahahahahaah nah it a serious thread i like the game…seems like only 1 out 10 people i ask about do they want play or pick up the game or what do they think…They just wanted a normal fighting game and dont understand why when 1 char dies the match ends…or how once there is meter it goes from a normal fighting game to to some marvel shit<them talking about switch cancels…getting people to play this is like fucking pulling teeth. they rather play kof sf4 or mk9…Even blazblue… i dont mind as i like them all.KOF is always a win…even got homies all hooked back on tekken 6 just to avoid me playing this…and im butt hurt, strip away the gimmicks the characters are great from both cast…

I cant wait tell i wake up when the real mofoz bring the heat for my Audacity to alter anything, i wanna see that fire, that fire, i wanna see this thread in scrub quotes


This has been the major gripe of why they dont like the game or want to play it in my internet wanderings of the fgc online, i have been on a quest the past month in lobbies online asking why they dont have this game…


Eh… that’s how it goes though. I spent a lot of breath trying to convince friends to play KOF [insert year here] and got a LOT of shit for it, and a lot of excuses. “Inputs too complex! Too much to do! This character isn’t like he was in CvS2 or [insert whatever one year of KOF they played]”.

Or TvC - “Wtf who are these characters? Where’s Wolverine? No Ken? It’s on the Wii, booooo!”

Or GG… or… damn, now that I think about it the only FGs I could get my friends to play were the Tekken series and SF, lol.

It’s just… how it goes. Hell, I’m guilty of it - the only reason I think I ended up no longer playing BB was because there just wasn’t a character that held my attention long enough (in other words, there was no Baiken or Robo-ky for me lol). Although I am considering going back to it for Lambda again someday… or if Kokonoe becomes playable dammit come on Arcsys you know you wanna!

Er, anyway, it’s a sucky position to be in, to be sure. But once you find a couple people to play against and start to build up a group that does play it, it won’t matter much. That’s probably why I’m not as stressed out about SFxT’s perceived popularity, found some (good) folks to play it with online and keep at it, unlike prior years with older games when that wasn’t a viable option.


I would dig it! If its just an option on the side then sure. Somebody should ask Ayano or whoever if they might consider this.


except, the reasons people don’t like the game have little to do with the fact that ABC Launch exists nor the fact that you play too characters. If you took the 2v2 mechanic away you have a bad sf game.

That said, it could still be a neat and fun feature.


1 on 1 is infinite pandora mode for both players :stuck_out_tongue:


So sharing opinions is putting yourself “on blast” now? Man with this game, the FGC has gotten weird


i was expecting the thread to get trolled by purist and just trolls…its not a great thread, but i was sure when i woke up, there would be some raggers, maybee there is hope for this game as the trolls have moved on or just on front pages yelling about DLC, yes anytime you ask about change on srk to a game basic mechanics ,You get blasted, even when you explain its just a mode to included those felt excluded into the game, like above homie talking about the 1 vs 1 in marvel…Why not does not effect the normal modes, kinda like heroes n herolds did not destroy UMvc3…


Agreed , but there wont be another chance, i doubt for them to tinker with the tekken license…i was playing sf4 and thinking to my self how easy it would be to lock out all the team shinangins and wish i could use Asuka on sf4 AE or kazuya or lili…

Im a old goat 32 i have been threw the years before patchs,a wonkie unbalanced mess never stopped us before

Im just amazed its not an option, as how close alone there just sf4 chars with out the switch mechanics

that could be locked out too. i forgot it even existed lol or it could be left for fun…8 seconds do or die mode


You i like. exactly why not ehh , just another mode adding never takes away…all the dev worked being used to make the vita version work on touch screens and sell 8 copies…it would take a quick minute to just lock out the team shinaningans…well enough of my griping , have not played this since the last patch…hoping they get the dlc chars out soon as a sakura and christie player,I been butthurt knowing there In THERE