Putting SF 3S on xbla or psn


everyone knows xbox had anniversary with xbox live. but what about if on the new gen consoles. Damn thinking about it makes me happy. what are other thoughts about this game on xbla or psn. Didn’t see a thread in the search.


I think we had a thread about this like 3 weeks ago or so. Had a petition…


The search function on this site, well, barely functions or at least it didn’t last time I tried to use it. You’re better off typing the thread topic into Google and if it’s on here, that’ll pull it up.

I’m kinda surprised Capcom hasn’t put 3s or MvC2 on PSN and XBLA yet tbh.


fuck dat game. let go of the past and look towards the future. it’s time to wipe 3s from the history books. :woot:


Great idea IMO. Most of us already own the game, but online play would be sick. I completely missed out on that last console generation since I have the DC and PS2 versions. I wouldn’t mind some online 3S. XBL handles online play pretty well so it would work out most likely.


3s will never die. if 3s dies I DIE


There is a long thread about putting MvsC2 on XBL already. Some people want it to get the full remix treatment (like SF2T did), most want a total rebalancing to make all the characters more equal, since it’s ridiculously unbalanced as it is.

Another problem is that Capcom doesn’t have the Marvel license anymore. Which means they can’t do jack shit about it.


Isn’t it all but officially confirmed that MvsC2 is coming for live and psn???


Remixing just the HD art for ST:HDR took forever…I couldn’t imagine what a daunting and demanding task upgrading something like 3S or MvC2 would be…


Hopefully all the money they made off remix and iv would ease the pain of paying those costs… and I would also hope that if they remix another game they don’t have another huge art fuck up that delayed the game as long as remix was.


They could do 3S relatively quickly but it’d have to take a hit in animation. But really, 3S coming to Live or PSN really just depends on Capcom, knowing if there is a large enough audience to pay them.


so you’d settle for a cripple ass port with inherent netcode lag and assy matchmaking over GGPO/2DF?

this thread phails.


Third time is the charm I guess. :wink:


no reason to.


no need to remix sf3 other than balance issues. and please keep udon away from sf3’s art.

if capcom wants to release it on psn/live they would have to use ggpo or something better. they’d also have to take it off of ggpo build 28 because no one’s going to pay for something they can get for free. there’s an average of 100 players on 3rd strike at any given time on ggpo so the interest is definitely there.


capcom made more than enough money out of hdrmx and sf4. with re5 coming out capcom just made shits load of money. porting something like 3s would be pocket change for them. nothing needs to be tuned in 3s just better make sure they pay attention to online or adjust he parrying to online timing cause shits piss me off back then when i played 3s on xbl and arcade my timing was all down hill.


Look forward. Not back.


I would buy 3S HDR in an instant…as I imagine many others would especially with the SF popularity with the release of the last 2 games.

A buddy and I played SFAC 3S the other day on 360, it wasn’t that bad but yeah…it needs help.


2DF/GGPO called.


Irony? Especially considering most of the people on this board are gay for ST. :confused: