Putting xbox mic input on stick

Does anyone have a guide that shows how to put the microphone slot on an arcade stick?
I still want to talk and use my mic, I’m sure there’s a guide to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Well if your using a 360 controller PCB you can simply buy a 2.5mm cable (male to female) and plug it into the microphone slot, then mount the female end on your case. The one con of doing this is it always shows that you have a microphone plugged in (due to there being the extension cable plugged into the PCB).

There is a diagram floating around somewhere which shows you how to solder an extension cable straight to the PCB which would stop that one con I mentioned above but I cant seem to find it at the moment. If you dont mind that I say just do it the easy way and purchase a cable, plug it in, job done. It allows you to talk fine with people over live.

Thank you, that will do,I don’t mind it showing it plugged it.

There is this:

And this:


Looks like solder directly to Black Circle (a1) for Ground, Red Circle (a4) for Microphone.

Thats what I was trying to find. I’ve never attempted it so I dont know how fool proof it is but it looks like it works fine. I personally dont mind the 360 showing that I have something connected, heck I dont even have a extension cable. I just open up my stick and connect the headset when Im playing with friends

Yeah, I suck at soldering, and personally don’t understand what that picture is showing me and what to do with it.

Hey zxain, that pcb pic is from me. I do these all the time for my custom sticks. Here’s the link
http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=189669 I wrote a description there as well. If you have any questions, let me know.

cool thanx for the info

Just a suggestion, have you considered the wireless XBox headset? They are going for about 39 at Amazon. No need to plug anything.