puyallup fair!

So who’s down??? I have tuesdays and wednesdays off. Post available days so we can plan accordingly. Earthquake burgers and rides!!

EY! i get paid on the 18th? So im down if not borrowing cash from the parents aaaaand who got lil bro and sis or cousins that can get us some students tickets?! EY!

I’m down for Wednesday. I’ll see if my brother can get some tickets but he isn’t the most reliable so I can’t make any promises.

Tight. If we get enough people maybe there’s a way to get a group rate. I hope people aren’t bitches and won’t ride rides with me and hear me swear the foulest words around children

Me and my gf might hit it up on Wednesday or Thursday.

then i Must say that i will the bitch for that day

The 15th for me sir! You should go cus watching me on a ride is priceless. I ain’t no pansy ass bitch!

I don’t fit on rides, fucking short people…

I bet you fit on that swinging boat. Such a classic ride.

yeah it’s mostly coasters I have a problem with, and it’s just that my knees need to be in the car in front of me. and I LOVES me some coaster action!!! the overhead track coasters are pretty sweet, but even the great bear at hershey park I was hitting my feet on shit. and that’s kinda scary. I’ve also hit my head on something on the cyclone at hershey park.

at least I always get a good view at any show I go to…

Lol, I have to fight to the front for a good view @.@

I once rode a roller coaster and being as ‘small’ as I am, at one point in the ride I fell out and had to hook my foot on the bar to stay alive. I still rode it a few more times but damn, shit was wack.

i know for sure me n u will ride allof them.

me neither. fucking fat people lol oh wait thats me