Puzzle de pon!

Anybody dare to challenge me in that game? You’re gonna get owned. Just post in here and I’ll meet you in godsweapon.

On what emu? / What other puzzle games you do? / Do you do Panic Bomber?

just puzzle de pon mainly. I like windjammers too. The oldschool emulator mame64k Feb 2003.

I’ll try it out later. If your on, gimme a holler.

Is Puzzle de Pon and Puyo Puyo the same thing? If so, my friend (who I consider a genius) is a pro in Puyo Puyo, and can take on many high level Japanese players…he doesn’t play kaillera though.

Edit: Ok, Puyo Puyo is not the same thing…I guess there was some other name that referred to the same game as Puyo Puyo. Nvm.

Is everybody SCARED to play me in puzzle de pon?

Damn man just load up 3rd Strike already. You might as well be one of those random egocentric Shaq Fu players. :lol:

Oh and yes…I’m scared.

I know…we talked on aim yesterday. Real chill guy.