Puzzle fighter avatar


Can somebody please make me a puzzle fighter avatar with Doraemon on it? And if you don’t know what Doraemon is or can’t find it… can you make one with Ken on it? Thank you!!



is this a good sprite

If so I will do it:D


Doraemon = Donovan

I Think…


ohh so is this him


Thanks guys…

but actually, doraemon is that blue cartoon cat. It’s a really really old cartoon that came out in Japan in the 80s.


How do you want it to be a puzzle fighter av? Do you want the logo or some gems in it? Askin because he isnt from puzzle fighter, so throw some ideas out there to help people get the thought process goin :slight_smile:


how do oyu guys get your avs to glow like that


Actually, i would like Ken on it… maybe a puzzle fighter logo or some gems too. Thanks!



Anybody working on this?


I say take it, its been a while, and she deserves an avatar.


Can’t do it myself. :frowning:
Just asking cuz it seemed like a couple people were interested in doing it but nothing has been done yet.


No AV for me? :frowning:


I’ll take it… poor girl

u want a doraemon or ken?

edit: I’ll do doraemon background/ken foreground


And add some gems or something to have a puzzle fighter theme! :cool:
Thanks you so much! :smiley:


I like my Puzzle Fighter Av :slight_smile:


Haha a puzzle fighter girl! :smiley: I haven’t seen one of those in a very very long time. The last time i saw a PF-chick was back in '99. So yeah go figure, but hey if you have no one to work on your av i’ll be glad to take it up. Since it looks like you haven’t had a finished piece in a while. Seriously guys, what happened to the spirit that was once dedicated into tagging? Oh well guess it’s all gone now :frowning: :bluu: Oh well – well hey just let me know. GO FOR BROKE


By spirit, do you mean girl? Lots of guys avs get overlooked and not done and no one ever says a word about that.


I made one… maybe it was too soon… tho I spent like 2-3 hrs between cutting out the images and toying with whatnot, ffta, and some random anime(old… don’t know what it is)… I think this is acceptable. I’d use it as an av. hope ya like it… and If I think of anything creative, I’ll put up an updated one here.



:eek: Thats nice.


It’s great! Thanks a bunch! :smiley: