Puzzle Fighter Fan-Sprite

Okay, this is nowhere close to the awesome quality of work I’ve seen around here… but this is sort of in a different category anyway.


It’s my first attempt at a sprite which was done in MS Paint over the course of a few hours on a very boring Sunday. Anyway, I started with Chibi Ken’s head (from Puzzle Fighter) as size reference for Vega’s, and then I fooled around with it and made it different and distinct. Everything below the head, though, is from scratch. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, that’d be nice. But bear in mind that the rules of anatomy don’t always apply to something warped like this. :slight_smile:

Oh yes… details are missing on his armbands, and I know his striped tights are a little low… but aside from that, is there something I should do in order to improve on what I have?

Thanks for your time.

Hey…! Vega is one of my fav characters! Flying around and screwing up your opponent’s mind is so dang fun!

Nice sprite man! I’d say all it needs is a little more shading to give it “oomph”! If you could put in 3 tones for shades that’d be excellent! Of course, the very hardest part about making sprites is actually the shading…

Yeah, I’ll be sure to bear the thought of extra shading in mind… it’s very true, what you’ve said.

Thanks a lot.

another thing you could work on when you’re shading is try to incorporate Capcom’s style of using coloured outlines instead of black. That way it can seamlessly interact with the other Pocket/Puzzle fighter sprites.

good job so far. looking forward to the finished piece :slight_smile:

Arg, yes, thanks for reminding me - otherwise it wouldn’t have crossed my mind. As for fitting in with Puzzle Fighter, though, I think Vega’s height is a problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thank you for the reply and for providing some motivation to keep working on this.

Update: How it looks at present…


I’ve tried to shade it more, but it may be a little too subtle. The outline’s no longer black too. Thanks for the advice.