Puzzle Fighter: HD Remix Official Thread

Since the other ST/PF thread has become a giant, bloated monster, I’d figure now would be a good time to start fresh with Puzzle Fighter. The game is done, so all we’re waiting for is Microsoft to certify the game into the XBLA library (which should also prompt a PSN/PC release).

All we can do now is wait with anticipation. I can’t wait to try out X’ mode.

I’m looking forward to a PSP-compatible version…


That’ll be the only choice you have, I think. It has Puzzle Fighter X, Y, and Z in there so all you’ll be missing is X’ and the graphical upgrades.

There is a critical bug in that game that affects my PSP version; it had no online play either. The PSP PSN store is coming soon (not out now because of a brief delay), and Calling All Cars being transferable to PSP shows that this is a possibility…

I hope this shit is out Wednesday.

If next Wednesday Streets of Rage 2, and Puzzle Fighter are released, that would officially be the best XBLA Wednesday ever.

I’d love those also, but I want my Fatal Fury Special, though. :rofl:

nothing was more heartbreaking than seeing ECCO THE fucking DOLPHIN on xbla. who the fuck decided to release this? why was this game even made in the first place?

once this game finally gets released i’ll be playing this alot so anyone on here feel free to shoot me invites for some good competition.

as disappointed as i was that pf wasnt released this week. ecco the dolphin is a fucking good game. and a hard one at that

Yeah I can’t wait for this, after making a freind of mine cry because of a 300 to 1 record (played all those games straight) I’m looking out for some tears in HD now.

This week’s XBLA releases are Space Giraffe and Street Trace: NYC. Capcom has stated that Puzzle Fighter would get an August release, so here’s hoping for a release next Wednesday.


I just got word that both MS and Sony have approved Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and we are set to release it later this month!

If you want the Xbox 360 version, youll be able to get it on Xbox LIVE Arcade on Wednesday, August 29th for 800 MS points. If youd rather play the PS3 version, you can get it from the PlayStation Network store on Thursday, August 30 for $10.


thanks for the heads up. right after evo. good stuff

finallly. thank you

yes 360 it is as I’m still uncertain about getting for my ps3. i fear the network might be funky as it’s still ( @ least I think it is) in the process of being finalized

Called it.

It’d be cool if we could get a list of who’s getting it and for what system.

I’m definitely buying it the day it releases, for XBOX360.

Here are the achievements for Puzzle Fighter. The Longest Journey is going to be tough. I’m also glad there is no “win X matches in a row” achievement.

Next week huh? Cool. PSN tag is SRKSANO if you want to hit me up / add. I’ll see if I get some PSP practice with the Puzzle Collection game in the mean time, even though the drop patterns will be different in the downloadable game.