Puzzle Fighter


Can’t play this game very well. I have no knowledge of “gem patterns/counter patterns” or how they work, or any specific advs of picking any certain char. that isn’t Akuma or Devilot. Can someone help me?


Pick Ken


um sorry, but that is not helpful at all. Ken is a little easier, but it does not answer my q.


I’m not great at puzzle fighter, but I can at least give some basic stuff.

Ken, Akuma, and Devilot are basically considered the best (from what I remember) mainly because their drop patterns (the pattern of blocks you send to your opponent when you break things on your side) leaves your opponent with the fewest large blocks of the same colors. Because of the fact that breaking small groups of bricks repetitively ends up sending only the bottom row of blocks to your opponent, the game is very centered around doing bigger combo breaks with larger power gems (rectangles of blocks at least 2x2). So, when someone like Morrigan, Felicia, or worst of all Dan, break large sets of blocks, it leaves their opponent with several power crystals, and if their opponent knows what they are doing, can lead to counter-attacks that are bigger than what you sent in the first place. Meanwhile, Ken, Akuma, and Devilot send patterns that leave scatterings of different color blocks which are difficult to break in one quick go.


-stack one side up to the top. in the event that you get attacked, you’ll have an “escape pile” that you can break. when you have whole rows of time-released gems you can’t really do much, but with an escape stack you can at least break some of it.

-don’t put anything in your home row since when that fills up it’s game over. nothing sucks more than the home row being stacked to the top and the sides being empty.

-when you decide to attack, make sure to win with it. most of the time when you attack and it’s ineffective, you just gave your opponent a lot of gems to break and the counter-attack is usually more than enough to kill you. also, if you’re a couple rows away from killing him after the initial attack, don’t try to tick at him by breaking small stuff, try to form something reasonably big and break it as quickly as possible.