Does anyone here play Puzzlefighter on nfba/kaillera?


i love puzzle fighter …i almost forgot about that game…just let me know when u want to play b-cuz im down :woot: AIM: DRUGZ911

Same here! I’m not adept at it but the game is incredibly fun! I’d be happy to have some human competition!

I’ve played it briefly. Its not one of my favorites. Seems to rely a lot on luck to hope you get a good combo bomb at the end right before you’re about to die rather than strategize and make comboes through the whole match. But, I don’t mind playing it. Puyo Puyo is far better.

I’m such a beast in this game…

good im nothingness68 on aim so im always up for a game of puzzlefighter. Le me knwo where you are on.

I am down to play Puzzlefighter. I’m also down to play Pocket Fighter (Super Gem Fighter MiniMix). I’m in the efnet channel #srkkaillera all the time as BitKid and on AIM as pwing4