PWNT! SSF4 Locals (Fremont, Ca) - 28th Apr 2010

PWNT! is hosting it’s first Local SSF4 tournament Apr 28th in Fremont Ca. This is the first of many bi-weekly tournaments to be held.

DATE: April 28th, 2010 Sign-ups start at 6PM. Tournament Starts at 6:30 PM.

How Much: $20 pre-registration fee. ($5 goes toward upgrading equipment and venues for future tournaments. the rest is the pot). Pre-registration is mandatory.

Payouts are 70% for 1st place

20% for 2nd place

10% for 3rd place

Click here for google maps directions

Go to to pre-register. Pre-registration is mandatory.

Rules: Standard EVO rules apply except where noted below

Singles, Double Elimination.
2/3 rounds wins a match. 2/3 matches wins a set to advance.
All finals (winners, losers and grand) will be best 2/3 rounds 3/5 matches.
A more complete listing of the rules can be seen here.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a post or PM.


The website says that the final matches 3/5 rounds per match. Is it 2/3 or 3/5?

i reread my post like 10 times and still missed it. lol it’s always 2/3 rounds. Fixed the site btw

Got a few questions here…
what systems is it played on?
How many ppl have pre regged?
$15 to pot and $5 to venue?

so far 4 (including me)
and yeah $5 mostly to help get some evo spec VH236H monitors (about $170 each so adds up fast). If we have enough intrest I’ll also reserve a larger room on the next tournament so we can have more people. That’s what the $5 is going toward.

will the tourney still go on if there’s less than 16 ppl?

yup. just means we stick to playing at my place, and it’ll go a bit faster. also… this will be the only weekday tourney i expect to do. the bi-weeklys will probably happen every other sunday or saturday. depends on schedule.

is this tourney still going down? and how many people are already pre-registered?

Every two weeks?

I thought bi-weekly meant twice a week and semi-weekly meant every other week…i always get those confused…

I work in Newark and wish i would of seen this sooner! Got plans tonight but maybe can make the next one…

lol yeah i messed up the bi-weekly thing. twice a month. I just posted up the next tourney(i’ll always post the next tourney the day of the current tourney) so sign up for it if you intrested. Sorry aye registration closed. I responded to your PM btw