Pyrolee interview at NCR


thanks to tyram for finally posting this up. Check out some of his other vids there too.

You see, for people like me who have never met the guy, that video is a stark contrast to the Pyrolee that’s depicted as being a total dickhead here.

Interesting video.

Dude, what is he? Like an internet trader millionare or something?

I mean, he rocks, got mad skills, seems like a nice guy, yada yada… but damn. How does he get the time to do this shit? I wish I had it haha.

None of my business I guess, but you know… one has to wonder.

hahahahha AWKWARD.

WTF 6 hours/day

Man I don’t even play that much in a week.

how do you play vids on youtube?

Yea. It’s hard to come up with that kind of time daily.

Yeah, it borders on the impossible. I mean : my main passion is dancing and in the best cases I manage to dance 3hrs/day, which I actually can manage besides work since I’m single and basically have to take care of myself only…


i thought he’d be chinese! wtf? just cuz his name has “lee” in it hahahaha

6 hours a day isn’t too surprising, but the fact that there’s people in the arcade to PLAY you from 8-2… that’s INSANE

that seriously sounds like fucking fun… even though i don’t really like third strike that much… but to have non stop competition would make the game wayyy more enjoyable!

i couldn’t do anything for 6 hrs a day. anything would get boring fast. and i thought he was gonna be asian.

So… Pyrolee is white and plays games all day. Cool vid. :tup:

Seems like a cool guy. But mucho thanks to Tyram for posting those CVS2 vids if that was him. Anybody know if there is a way to download the vids from YouTube???

No one ever looks like I imagine them to. ^Yeah seems a cool guy.

Yeah, Pyro’s no doubt the best Yun player in the US. One of the best 3S players in general. I remember the first time I saw him fight was against Ibuki12 (another one of my fav Ibuki players) at SBO3. It was one thing to see Ibuki getting laid out by ANOTHER Yun player but when I found out he was American I was like…you go man. :lol: Hmmm…he said that Makoto is rated above Chun now huh? That’s interesting. She just does too much damage…that’s for sure. You still see tons of Chun on those ranbats though. I’m sure Pyro will have no trouble making it to SBO4. :tup:


God i wish arcades were like that over here.

Safe dude. But 6 hours of 3rd Strike a day?! I only do that in a week. He’s clearly on crack LOL.

as everyone already said:

-wtf he’s white? i was expecting asian

-wtf 6 hours a day?? I can’t play ANY amount of video games for that long without getting bored + i have too much things to do with school and all. anyone know how long japanese 3S champions play?

-why the hell doesnt this guy go an win evo for once?

well at least I KNOW I’ll never win a tourny for a reason.

wtf?! he’s white! O_o

i was expecting blackican!

when he says 8 is it am or pm?

Just so you guys know, in an interview with Daigo right after the French national tournament he went to a year or two back, he said that when tournaments are coming up he practices 6 to 10 hours a day–about 6 hours/day for a game he already knows, and about 10 hours/day if he’s learning a new game.

The reason he didn’t come to Evo last year and the reason he hasn’t entered various Japanese tournaments lately is because he was too busy with work to deidicate his self-required amount of practice.

You can’t get good at anything without practice. If you’ve got the time, and you want to get good at a game you enjoy, then more power to you. None of us have that kind of time for our whole life, so I recommend for everyone to enjoy it while you can.