Pyron Drawn I Made

Hi every one.

I am new to the Shoryuken community. One of my friends told me about this place to be one of the best online community for Street Fighter video game and other franchise from Capcom video games.

If I am creating a thread on this forum today is to have some of your opinions about a drawn I made a while ago of Pyron from the DarkStalkers franchise. I used to love to draw when I was young but I stopped for a long time. Then when I lost my job and have a lots of spare time on my hands, I decided to start this hobby I used to love when I was young.

Anyway, enought about my little background lol. Here the drawn I would like all of you to give opinons. All opinions are welcome. Either positives or negatives. This way, if any one posts any negatives opinions, it will allow me to see on what I should work more to perfect my drawing abilities.

Also I will appreciate if none of you just post posts like “This sucks.” or “It’s nice.” since it won’t allow me to know what I should try to fix.

not bad at all! i think u should of drew his upper body i.e. shoulders, lats, n briceps/triceps more massive. this is what chartacterizes his physical makeup.

hi welcome, dont ever goto General discussions unless your ready for the ultimate test in flamewars.

Yea and about your work he looks small for some reason what klakalou said is true.
Other than that its pretty good.

Not bad. The chest muscles could use some improvement, the abs in particular are too wide. It’s an interesting take on Pyron and not bad overall. Keep drawing!