PZ SW Regional Results 7-29

Team Tekken DR
1st Crow/Luis
2nd Thino/Mucha Lucha/Superman
3rd l337v1n337/NM3/AsianHitler

Soul Calibur 3
1st AsianHitler
2nd Mr. Cox
3rd Draven

Team 3rd Strike
1st Hsien/Yooooon/Lang
2nd Crow/Sugar Land/AsianHitler
3rd Evil Dictator/Marvelous_1/Ron-O

Capcom vs SNK 2
1st Buktooth
2nd Ron-O
3rd Jan Del Rio

Team Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st Vegita-X/Carnevil/Magneto-X
2nd Power-DN/Total Toanage/Joe Reyna
3rd Rudy/Buckethead/Ron-O

King of Fighters XI
1st AsianHitler
2nd Jan Del Rio
3rd Charles

good shit to jan chris duane pat fuckin hem and luis+crow
everyone else too


Thanks for throwing this tourney ranma- I’ll be moving to Norcal in about 4 hrs, so I’ll see you guys at TS7!

have fun in cali, mr. yoooooon! GJ on the team win

GGs to everyone out there (though I think I only played like 3 guys at anything 2d related)

Once MvC2 got going, it turned out to be better than I thought it was going to be (thanks for fixing the buttons, Ranma :slight_smile: ), but unfortunately it could have been better. I think a big reason this tournament maybe didn’t do well is because so many people THOUGHT it wasn’t going to do well.

I think if people give these other formats a chance, the turnouts will be much better, and we’ll have successful tournaments that are something new and interesting, instead of the same boring format all day. But, if everyone feels iffy about these tournamants and stays home, it’s just not going to work out. Have some faith, guys.

Anyway, that’s just my two cents.

I registered for 3S and Slash and didn’t get to play either of them =( no team for 3S and Slash didn’t even happen (didn’t even get put in a cabinet all night)

Other than that, it was pretty decent considering how few people showed compared to what I would expect at a regional. Just wish I got to play in the games that I, you know… play.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate the winners.
Carnevil is right, have faith and give new things a chance, might just end up liking it more than you thought you would.

***Pix are up in the gallery section of www.planet-zero.com

Some great poses from the winners…lolz

Where’s first place for mvc2 team pic!:arazz:

I dont see it up there!:confused:

Check again…sometimes the software acts up

Creesy is so sexy :lovin:


damn i look all fucked up and shit:wasted: :annoy:

emotiongear owns- i won’t be back until thanksgiving- can someone say ‘escape from the family’ thanksgiving tourney? :wgrin: and vineet is l33t

marvel should be any team you want in teams. if that makes any sense.

Was it really an issue? I don’t think the rules regarding teams were really enforced any.